Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.19 – Heart of Darkness – Episode Stills

Thanks to our sweet friend Clarissa over at TV Overmind, we have a full set of stills from April 19th episode 3.19 “Heart of Darkness. Again proceed with caution. These tend to be quite spoilery. Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Nice to see a couple of familiar faces! Or is it???

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  1. Honestly now I am scared all the Delena moments from the promo are the result of Damon taking a bat to the head and will all be a dream. Maybe Bobby Ewing will be in the shower with Elena when Damon comes to ;).

  2. Damon is always getting the crap beat out of him. Don’t hurt my Damon. Great to see Jeramy back.

  3. I really hope Julie Plec isn’t messing with us again. I love Delena so much, but this constant back and forth and false hopes has me one episode away from giving up altogether. Please let them get together! Damon deserves happiness!!!

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