Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.16 – 1912 – Extended Preview

Here’s the extended preview for Episode 3.16 “1912”. Again, no new episodes until March 15th.


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  1. Am I the only one understanding this the way I do or am I just trying to hard to interpret it? Sage is into women?! If TVD pull that one off I’m going to applaud them. That would actually be interesting to see. :)

  2. Seriously im dreading seeing Sage as a woman… i fell in love with the book character now after seeing ‘he’ will be a ‘she’ eeeeek sorta freaks me out a lil.. i was lookin forward to seein hottie damon have some competition!!!

  3. and now this girl suppost to be warrior girl sage ok bring it on but i don’t think she could have more drama like Demon ask from this warrior girl so from that way i,ve seen this episode Sage is now is a warrior and without any dramma who those who wana seen dramma with Demon and Sage it could be more difficult that i know off very tought wow

  4. i think that Alaric is not dead maybe it is just a nightmare i don’t think that sexy psycho doctor do that ?!and why Elena still have that cell phone (i897)that Stefan toss out from car’s window . and i think all Damon plans always work he always find a way ,he is smart … i don’t think that Stefan be like the old stefan but maybe close to that… and I LOVE KLAROLINE scene klaus is great ?! he is lovely … i really hope that caroline make friend with him he deserve this…

  5. i dont think meredith would kill alaric, if they base it on their relationsip in the book.. i bet that she only wounded him…. itl also bbe good to see elena single for a while, i think she needs a break… i like Caroline and tyler together… though klaus needs to find someone….. so does elija

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