The Vampire Diaries to begin shooting in 4 weeks

The Vampire Diaries director @msiega just posted to @kevwilliamson (who’s been busy ritin’) from his Twitter account that The Vampire Diaries will begin shooting in Georgia in 4 weeks!

@kevwilliamson you need to get some rest! I can’t believe we are four weeks away from shooting episode 1 of Vampire Diaries.

Also, @julieplec just recently posted on her Twitter that she is busy in the Atlanta area scouting locations for Elena’s house.

Headed to Atlanta to find Elena’s house.

So things are going to get moving soon and hopefully we will have lots of spoilers, pics and news to report to you in the coming weeks!

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  1. I’m excited that they are going to start shooting in 4 weeks but I’m sad it won’t be in Vancouver anymore. :( lol

  2. If I can figure out where they’ll be filming I’ll try my best to do some drive-bys

  3. First, I was asked to join the cast of this show as one of the main characters.
    Second, the first season was finished in Vancouver and started in Feburary
    Third, STOP acting like retards and posting shit from any tweeter account you find, this is a stupid fansite.
    Fourth, I will not be responding or checking this


  4. I am so excited about this new show. I hate that Moonlight went off the air I really liked it. I love the Twilight series and I know this show will be awesome as well.

  5. Does anyone know if there are any production jobs available for this show, and where I can find them?

  6. You do know that twitter is fake? The entire first season is filmed… why would they change shooting locations with the pilot, that means certain homes and schools had to be changed and would make the pilot feel fake. Vancouver is a hell of alot cheaper. Stop beleiving lies and stop going to this trash fansite.

  7. omg i cant wait im so excited and i think everyone in the cast is right for the tv show but elina was supposed to be blond ,but the actor who plays her is pretty too : D but is Meredith gonna be in the tv show? i tried finding her on imbd she wasn’t there

  8. I have one Question.!!.. if they have a promo for the Pilot and sneak peaks?… how can it be that they are starting shooting in 4 Weeks???

  9. Didi, they have only filmed the pilot episode so far. It was filmed in Vancouver back in March. All of the promos and sneak peeks were from the Pilot episode only. They start filming the remaining episodes on July 21st in the Altanta, Georgia area.

  10. Sorry I have to agree with Didi, it seems that a production this big would have major storyline flaws, a new house, a new school etc, im sorry just I kind of beleive that person that posted, I think the twitter is a fake account there has been alot in the past. Maybe pull it until you have an offical confirmation, i mean posted anything you search does seem a bitch sketchy and unprofessional.

  11. And the first season is not already filming. They are currently filming episode 4.

  12. haha, just reading back through old posts. And laughing at the people that were so quick to think my sister didn’t know what the hell she was talking about…and look at us now. Still think we are a trash site?

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