The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec and Kevin Williams chat about “Unpleasantville”

Jules and Kev give us the inside scoop on “Unpleasantville”….

Thank you again to IHVD again for letting me know about this video.


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  1. Heya

    I had a crazy idea few days ago…i was writing something and… maybe it will be helpfull….or at least tell me what you think…

    Cassandra (the first doppelganger), Klaus’s daughter, comes to help Elena,Damon and Stefan to kill him,because when were transformed by the saman into vampires and werewolfs,(she and her father was the first generation of vampires),her boyfriend was turned into a werewolf but then killed by Klaus.

    Cassandra falls inlove with Damon and he with her ,succeed to kill him because she’s the only vampire as old and strong as him.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your respons

    Have a good day

    Huge fan from Romania.


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