Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley talk about The Hillywood Show®

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were asked by fans to share their thoughts on The Vampire Dairies Parody by The Hillywood Show®! See what they had to say! Ian shares his favorite part of the parody and Paul tells us how Nina Dobrev was the first to show him the parody.

On a side note: Ian and Paul said what there BEST scenes were. Mine was with Katherine eating the strawberry. It was a doppelganger moment, Click to watch on the video and comment on what your best part is.

Psst! check this out I heard that Harry Potter sketch is coming soon. Can’t wait ;)

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  1. I,ve have nothing to share with Paul westley and Ian Someholder everything is super incredible and i love so deeply much the damn show is the most greatest shows ii,ve have ever seened in my intire life so i m in in shocked right now for the show so there,s nothing to talk about everything is so cool and i m glad that bonnie is alive cuz i m a fan of Bonnie and Stefan so everything is clear and i hope to Katerina Graham is in the third season on the vampire diaries that,s all for now thank u 2 u and thank u so deeply much

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