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There has been so much buzz this week with all the new interviews popping up from the cast and producers due to The Vampire Diaries returning tomorrow. So much that I figured that I would just go ahead and collect them all here for you into one post. We’ve got interviews from Julie Plec, Candice Accola, Kevin Williamson and Michael Trevino.

Speaking of Michael, be sure and tune into KTLA tomorrow morning, January 27th at 7:45 AM PST. You can watch their live feed if you don’t live in L.A. So don’t miss out!

And in these first two interviews, Michael Trevino chats with the L.A. Times and AOL’s TV Squad about the upcoming episodes and teases about how things might play out involving Tyler’s new knowledge of the other vampires and the Curse of the Sun and the Moon.

Via L.A. Times:

It seems there’s a territorial war developing between the vampires and the werewolves. Is Tyler going to be struggling with having to choose a side?

He does. He’s right in the middle. It’s a tug of war between somebody that he’s super-close with now, Caroline, who is a vampire, and then all this new information that he’s learning from Jules, who is a werewolf. It’s a new chapter in his life because he’s gone through this transformation. So now it’s like maybe he doesn’t have a choice. He’s just questioning himself and questioning the intentions of everybody and finding out who’s coming from a good place and who’s coming from a bad place. He does make a decision in the new episodes to come. He does make a decision finally on what he wants to do and is he going to stick with Caroline and just not be involved with these other werewolves, whoever they are, wherever they came from. Or is he going to stick to the wolves and learn more about himself and stay with the pack and not have anything to do with vampires even if that means not talking to Caroline anymore. These decisions are going to be made.

Read the rest of the interview with Michael over at the L.A. Times.

Via AOL’s TV Squad:

What has been your favorite scene to shoot in this latest batch of episodes?
Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see … I would say the confrontation between the werewolves and vampires. When they meet we shot that out in the woods. It was really cold but it was actually really cool to shoot with that many actors on set at one time. You had Ian, Paul, me. You had Michaela, who plays Jules, and a bunch of other people that are wolves and you had these vampires. It’s a really good action scene. There are a lot of good and awesome stunts. Hopefully, it all comes out well.

Is Tyler going to start tying into the larger mythology with the Originals and the curse as the season goes on?
I think he’s stepping away from that, really. You know, that’s all really Caroline. But, I think what Tyler does realize with all of this mythology and all these rules about vampires being binded to the sun and werewolves binded to the moon, does Tyler ever want to turn again? If he does, does he want to do it on his own terms or does he have to wait for the next full moon, whenever that is? So, vampires might not be the only people trying to break curses in Mystic Falls in these upcoming episodes …

Read the rest of the Michael Trevino interview at AOL’s TV Squad.

Check out this wonderful article on our beloved executive producer Julie Plec from Nice Girls TV. Julie talks about how she one day would love to write a young adult novel.

Moving away from the path her career has taken, Julie shared that she “never thought I was a writer, even though I’ve been writing my whole life. But my writing was always in the form of finding the most creative ways to get out of difficult homework. If I didn’t know the academic approach to a paper, I’d take a creative approach instead. Find a gimmick, write a fun paper, see if I could fool my teachers into thinking I knew more than I actually did. It usually worked.”

She also shared that her current favorite author “hands down” is Emily Giffin for when you want a “good dose of intelligent chick-lit,” but she is also obsessed with Jonathan Franzen.

Julie also shared that her dream project is to write a young adult novel, stating “I don’t know what, or when, or how, but that’s always been a dream of mine.” And, she would love to one day work with one “of the J’s. – Joss Whedon, Josh Schwartz, Jason Katims, JJ Abrams” – because she is a big fan of each of them.

Read the rest of the article over at Nice Girls TV.

Candice Accola chats with Eric Goldman over at IGN about Caroline and Tyler’s relationship.

GN TV: Caroline has changed quite a bit since she’s become a vampire. Recently, she’s shifted from the one being mentored by Stefan, to kind of taking on that mentor role herself with Tyler. Will that continue?

Candice Accola: Well I feel Caroline’s enthusiasm for helping out Tyler through his own transformation… She very pointedly says, “I was alone and I was by myself when this all happened to me and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.” And so I think that for her, she is also a self-admitted control freak and when you can’t control your own life and what’s going on with you, I think it’s a very natural pattern to start controlling and want to help. When you can’t fix yourself, you want to fix other people. But I think that luckily, Tyler is in a position where he does need help, because he is alone. She wants to make this as easy as she can for him. I thought it was beautiful. Michael did such an amazing job on that episode [“By The Light Of The Moon”]. He really did just go balls to the wall, full throttle and just bared his guts and his soul and his glory all on that set. So I thought it was a beautiful episode, but I feel like also, even though it was a storm within itself, it’s the calm before the storm of what’s going to happen potentially between vampires and werewolves.

Read the rest of the interview with Candice at IGN.

The TV Chick posted an awesome video interview Candice Accola today as well. Candice discusses Caroline’s love life, her budding relationship with Tyler and her favorite moment from filming the show so far. So please head on over to watch the video!

And finally, Kevin Williamson chats with Collider, here he talks about the Doppelganger storyline.

Is the doppleganger storyline something that’s gone on longer than you thought it would? How much longer will that storyline go?

WILLIAMSON: We always envisioned it to be the season finale and the big sacrifice. We’re going to lead to it. But, we may get to it a little sooner ‘cause there’s so many parts of it and there’s also what happens after. We’re not quite sure where to end the season, with regard to the doppleganger, because there are three or four different endings of it, and beginnings. We’ve already been mapping out next season because we’re pretty sure we’re going to be around, and so we want to make sure we have a place to go with it and that we know where the starting point is.

Read the rest of the interview over at Collider.


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