Michael Trevino Dishes on the “Lockwood Curse” with TV Fanatic

Here’s a VERY in depth interview with Michael Trevino from the TV Fanatic. He discusses the transformations his character will go through this season, how he deals with his father’s death, and most importantly his discovery of the so-called “Lockwood Curse”.

Throughout season one, Tyler was a hot-tempered human. How excited are you to be a supernatural character?
There’s going to be more storylines, and it’ll show a different side of Tyler. Like you said, all of season one it showed how hot-headed he was, snapping at everybody. Not only that, but for me to be get into the supernatural element and find out the lineage of these werewolves and such, it’s gonna be, not a hard task, but something to look forward to. There wasn’t much of Tyler going on in season one, so they want to throw all of these projects at me now for the new season. I’m ready for it!

Do you have to go though any makeup or prosthetics for the transformation?
I haven’t. All I’ve done so far is some green screen work. We might actually be doing some CGI, so we’re testing some things out right. No word yet on actually prosthetics on my face.

Imagine the shock of seeing yourself.
For me, just the season one finale with the changing of the eye, that alone was a shock for me because I wasn’t able to see it before. So I saw it with the fans, and with everyone else watching the finale. That was exiting. Now I’m even more excited to see how they do the transformation. I think they’re still trying to figure that out.

Is there going to be a lot of self-discovery for Tyler?
Yes there is. My uncle, Mason Lockwood, is coming into town. He has a big part in dealing with that. He has some information and secrets that he can share with me and his own personality. He’s got this curse, too, the Lockwood curse, so he feeds Tyler bits and pieces of information here and there.

How is his relationship with his uncle?
They’re not really close because Mason is the black sheep of the family. He was never really in Mystic Falls. He was there for a bit and then just vanished. With him coming back because of the death of my father and his brother, it’s strange. They’re not close, but he doesn’t have his father anymore, and he needs an older male companion. Mason is going to be there for him, and help develop my character.

What else can we look forward to this season?
We’re filming episode three right now, and I can tell you that there is a lot of Lockwood going around. We’re seeing the day-to-day of Tyler, and a lot of scenes take place in my house now. That didn’t happen in season one. I don’t think we got to know Tyler as whole, just an angry, bully of a kid in season one. Now, we’ll be able to see Tyler when he’s calm and not trying to pick a fight with somebody. Episode three is a big episode. There’s something really important that Tyler realizes and there’s a big revelation for Tyler.

Read the entire interview.

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