The Vampire Diaries Author L.J. Smith blogs about the pilot

Author L.J. Smith just posted on her blog about the CW’s adaptation of her fabulous Vampire Diaries series. She shares her thoughts, concerns, and expectations of the show and hopefully puts fans’ minds at ease. Personally, I am glad to get this update from her because I have been wondering how she felt about all this.

Read the excerpt below and the full blog post is here.

-but I know the one thing on my reader’s minds, and that’s the TV pilot. (For anyone who doesn’t know, the CW picked up the pilot, so that’s one more thing to thank my angel-mother for). I couldn’t bring myself to go to the showing in L.A., but my staunch agent, Elizabeth, went to the showing in New York. She said she really loved it, and that she especially liked the bits with Stefan and Damon. I’m glad of that, because that’s the chemistry that needs to work to make it a real love triangle. She also said that she felt the chemistry between Stefan and Elena, which is, of course, just as important. Now I only have to fret about the chemistry between Damon and Elena . . . (I will worry about anything not explicitly gone over–it’s my nature). Elizabeth also said that besides Elena’s hair being changed the girl herself is rather vulnerable and accessible–two words I would never use to describe the Elena of Vampire Diaries 1. But I look at it this way: in The Awakening Elena is a bitch halfway through the book. She’s meant to be, and the book is largely about how she changes as a result of meeting Stefan. But how do you get that–and all the other action–into a two hour pilot? And not end up having the audience hate Elena for being stuck up?



  1. Thanks for this Allison! I totally get what L.J. Smith is saying about Elena and how she is portrayed to be more vulnerable and accessible than her book counterpart. I think it is important to remember, that while many fans of the books will be tuning in, there will be just as many, if not more, viewers tuning in who have not read the books and who are not familiar with the story. They need to have a ‘likeable’ Elena. It is a tough job the writers have for the first show…introduce multiple characters, their relationships, throw in some action, conflict, and romance, and try and please a large audience.

    Ooh, and did she say a 2 hour pilot?? *squeals*

  2. My g/f’s and I were reading this series when we were in gradeschool, a little over 15 years ago now. I was such a huge LJ Smith fan, I even wrote to her and got an autograph. My friends and I always have thought that this should be a series, or a movie…and Twilight seems like such a twisted rip off of this series…someone who took the basic idea and capitalized on it. This series is a 100 times better because of the love triangle, and I can’t wait to be able to watch this. What I don’t understand-why is there a brunette playing the blonde haired, blue eyed Elena character? I really think that was part of the charm, that this all-American blonde haired cheerleader type was drawn into this dark world with two dark, handsome men. Even the guy who plays Damon does not give the character justice, he’s just not handsome enough. Going with the current guy for Damon and the girl they got for Elena makes me think that the CW is trying to create it’s own adaption of Twilight. Why make the characters look the same as what’s already out there instead of the actual series?

  3. Everyone has their own ideas in their head of how Stefan and Damon should look. Not everyone is going to be ‘satisfied’ with who was cast. Doesn’t mean it is not going to be a great show! As for Elena not being blond, I am not bothered by it. Just make Katherine a brunette too. What I am interested in, is how her chemistry is with the two brothers…that is more important to the storyline than what color her hair is, IMO.

  4. For 1. Paul wesley is fuckin gorgeous for 2. Nina is doing a great job as elena/katherine even if she isnt blond and for 3. The show is going to kick major ass just like the books so support the cast or shutup.

  5. First of all paul wesleys fuckin gorgeous. and secondly nina is doing great as elena/katherine even if she isnt blonde and thirdly the show will kick major ass just like the book so support it or shutup.

  6. O.k where can i start. I’ve read all the books so far and LOVE them. Even who cares what hair coloure the storie line is going to be great and im glad its not like the book because then u r going to know what iy’s going to be about.. Aussie down under.

  7. Okay, as an avid reader of L.J. Smith’s books, I have to say this….I both love and hate the series that has been created from the Vampire Diaries. So far, it’s not really staying true to the text, which pisses me off a great deal. What the hell happened to Meredith??? Why do the characters have to so closely resemble those of the Twighlight series (just a side note, I refuse to read Twilight, and I hate everything that surrounds it…esp that the Vamp Diaries show made reference to it, ugh!). Since when are Damon and Stephan from Mystic Falls instead of Italy? Since when are there vampire hunters? What happened to the little old lady that owned the boarding house Stephan lived in? Since when are Caroline and Elena bff? Since when is Elena’s little bro a drug addict? I watch the show because of what it was based off of…the books that introduced me to L.J. Smith, the writer who made me want to be a writer. I’m disappointed in the show, but I keep watching because I want to see what creative liberties have been taken and because I have always wanted to see it made into a show or movie. Please, though…explain why all of these changes have been made!

  8. I think you sold out, the show is nothing like the books. It was kind of disappointing when you’ve read the series then you hear they are going to make it into a tv show. I was so excited, then it aired it was a total let down. The show is good but they should have named it something instead of after the books. Its like all they kept were the names. But then maybe thats all they bought was the names and book title. Oh well.

  9. What a u thinking turing the Vampire Diraies in a tv show. yea thats fine, but u could of made them STICK 2 whats in the books. I finding the show borring & so is a friend of mine we r both not liking it at all we r only watching 2 c if gets better ‘TWILGHT’ has beeten u by far at least the y have stuck 2 the book. all the way. with u, u have turned it around and made the show look like crap. if u do put on dvd I will ont be buying it I wouln want to wast my money.

  10. was wondering why the reason for Katherines departure in the Vampire Diaries from Elaina’s point of view, hr leaving her maid to burst into dust and leaving Damon and Stephan to fight like brothers scorned. Is differnt in the Vampire Diaries from Stephans point of view Katherine being burned in the church by angry mob.

  11. The books are wonderful. Will there be any more books in the Vampire series as everyone I am sure is dying to hear more about the love triangle? Have to say I would pick Damon every time!!!!

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