Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies, Episode 8 “Maybe I Should Start From the End”

Last week’s ending had us wondering what was happening with Landon, and what it meant when The Necromancer said that the first lock had been broken to Malivore.

Oh, right. And our sweet MG . . . is a Ripper!

I wonder what this week has in store?!

The Thirteen Things We Learned

1) Midterm Exams are happening.

What does that look like, exactly, at The Salvatore School?

Wellllllll, it looks a little like midterm time at the college I went to . . . people falling asleep on books, etc.

2) Landon’s in KANSAS?!

He was supposed to be going to New Orleans?

And, he’s semi-stalking his mom. Because THAT isn’t creepy at all. Geez, Landon . . . and way to be subtle, there, dude.

But, maybe Momma deserved it . . . she drugged Landon’s sandwich (and, in turn, her own doggie)!!!

AND she ties him up. Oh boy.

AND she threatens to burn him with an iron.

AND!!! And this is the worst of all . . . she utters THE MOST DANGEROUS LINE OF ANY HORROR FILM EVER, “They’re here.”


She does cut the head off of whateverthehell that ^^ thing is, and therefore saves Landon’s life.

3) Lizzie and Josie are in Europe with Caroline.

Well, I guess there are perks to being the Headmaster’s daughters. Wonder if they still have to take their midterms?

4) Seylah is Alaric + GI Jane

She was recruited right out of the Army, by an “intelligence agency” that worked to keep the supernatural secret. Any time a monster went “bump in the night,” she would capture it and take it back to Headquarters.

Eventually, she saw something she wasn’t supposed to, and became “the hunted, instead of the hunter.” She realized that she had begun forgetting all the things she’d learned about the monsters she’d captured, started taking notes, and realized her memory had been messed with.

And she knows about Malivore.

And she SUPER-harshly tells Landon that she doesn’t know who his father is, because she “had flings to blow off steam.”


5) Seylah used to work for the organization guarding the portal to Malivore.

And, she’s actually been there.

The people she used to work for, threw her in it. She was in there for about 2 years, only remembers sensations of what she felt there, and no one she worked with remembered who she was when she came back.

BUT! *insert intense music riff here*

She was pregnant when she came out!

6) When Landon and Hope start making out, this happens:

Which is weird enough on it’s own – what is IN that backpack? But then this happens, too:

And all of a sudden, I’m expecting Georgie to start screaming “You’ll float too!!!” and wicked clowns with red balloons to start popping up! (Stephen King’s IT if you don’t get the reference.)

Oh, and there’s this . . . in the drain:

7) Seylah shot Hope with a tranq dart!

Right after telling her that neither her, nor Landon, would remember having seen her?!

7) Bigger fish! HUGE FISH!

First there’s the splat. Then there’s the stare.

And then the jump.

And, then, there’s Hope to the rescue!

Also, ICK!

8) That urn that Landon admired back at Seylah’s?

Was the thing that was glowing in Landon’s backpack. And Landon doesn’t remember taking it. Just like he didn’t remember taking the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife.

Instead of taking the urn, and running, and having the Merman chase them, Hope puts Landon’s magic bracelet in it, so they can track where the Merman takes it, and they leave it in the hotel room as they flee.

And they follow the Merman all the way to someplace in Georgia, where they almost literally run into a huge fence with this sign on it:

Does that symbol look familiar to ya? It should!

9) Seylah fought her way back into that top secret facility, and jumped back in to Malivore.

The fact that she did so – to save Landon – betrays the fact that she really did care what happened to him. So that’s something.

But, she was then erased, right? So, how is Hope still talking about her? Because, clearly after the Merman exploded and her, Landon, and Alaric woke up . . . they had no idea where they were, or what they were doing there.

Apparently, she does remember, though, because at the end of the episode we realize she’s filling Alaric in about everything that happened.

10) Alaric tells Landon that he’ll drive him . . . home, to the Salvatore School.

He tells Landon that he doesn’t know why he’s changed his mind about Landon staying at the school, calling it a “gut feeling.”

11) Landon is officially Hope’s boyfriend.

12) Hope has the urn!

The same urn that I could’ve sworn the Merman had in his hands when the mystery military base security ball BLEW HIM UP?!

Sorry about the “shouty caps,” but continuity things like that really bother me!

And then the Blown-Up-Not-Blown-Up-Urn starts glowing.

Well, that can’t be good!

13) Hey, isn’t that the guy from the “gas leak” in Kansas?

And he doesn’t look too pleased about the “like human-big unscheduled absorption” that the tech tells him about. Especially since, Dude in A Suit (AKA “gas leak” guy) then pushes the tech into the Malivore goo after said tech gave him the picture he’d found floating on the surface . . .

Yeah, because that’s not worrisome.


#1 Alaric’s “What NOW?!” face.

# 2 It seems Landon has a “little sister.”

And isn’t she just the cutest, scruffiest, little thing you’ve ever seen?!

Landon, unknowingly, poisons the poor girl!!!!

# 3 This one is for all you Supernatural fans:

Yep, that’s the home of our favorite Winchesters!!! (Nothing good can come from this . . . )

So, it seems we have an indestructible Eygptian urn, that glows, and Evil Dude in a Suit that runs the facility in which Malivore is housed, and Hope still has all her memories of something she shouldn’t have.

This can’t be good . . .

Allison Smith


  1. Hope said she grabbed the urn after they woke up in the field, so that’s how she came to have it. As for it being blown up– the knife seemed to be completely indestructible. It makes sense that the urn would be, as well. It wouldn’t be useful for them to create three keys to Malivore, only for one of them to be destroyed because some dexterously-challenged individual dropped it on the floor.

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