New Vampire Season 3 Promo Photo Featuring Joseph Morgan

Thanks to Jarett of The Insider for releasing this brand new Vampire Diaries Season 3 promotional photo of Joseph Morgan, aka Klaus, aka “The Hybrid”. We are so looking forward to seeing more of a favorite “werepire” and finding out more about The Originals this coming season! Kevin Williamson is too!

“I love the mythology behind the family of Originals. I like that there are eight members — the husband, the matriarch, someone cheated and a hybrid was born. Klaus is the bastard child of this entire family that we haven’t met yet, so as long as the show continues to thrive, every single one of them will show up!”

Head on over to The Insider, to read the rest of the article and enjoy the larger version of the photo!

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  1. if Mr Morgan like,s Mythology what is he bein??, in my spanish language we say:

    mitologia griega xcuse my spanish language but that,s the way we speach the Spanish language, sorry about that lol

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