Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec Talk Damon & Elena With Zap2It

Carina Mackenzie of Zap2It not only moderated The Vampire Diaries New York Comic Con Panel, she was able to have an exclusive chat with showrunners, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, where they discuss the future of the TVD fandom’s beloved “Delena”. Here Julie mentions when Kevin Williamson pitched the idea for Damon to snap Jeremy’s neck.

The neck-snapping incident that drove a wedge between the two former friends was arguably the most shocking moment we’ve seen yet in a series that surprises me in every act. Plec says that she and Williamson were having lunch when he pitched her the idea, and she gasped out loud. “My jaw fell on the floor,” she recalls. “That is the most messed up, twisted, ridiculous, horrible thing, that is awesome. And if I’m having a reaction, as someone who’s heard everything, and I lose my mind over it – it blew my mind.”

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  1. Kevin Williamson is listening… while it may take “babysteps” to get there, Damon and Elena will happen. Thank you Kevin!

  2. The writers know what they are doing, that makes so much sense… you cannot just make Elena and Damon a copule over night, especially given the circumstances…it would not be REAL and EPIC and I believe this is what Delena fans want: to be real and epic. Thank you Kevin….the build up and what is ahead of Elena and Damon sound brilliant.

    Congratulations to you and Julie for an amazing show. Thank you!

  3. Even though im 100% a stelena fan i have accepted the fact that something is gonna happen with Damon and Elena and it will be quite interesting to see how this is gonna happen. But the one thing i cant help but worry about is how are Kevin and Julie going to do this without annoying half the vampire diaries fans (the stelena fans) there has to be reasons it has to be justified so that everyone can understand why its happened and so fans dont end up hating Elena. I think it may be Stefan doing something really bad who causes them to get together. Still somehow want stelena as endgame though. They are soulmates.

  4. I see your point Michelle and I like your comment. Thank you.

    I think the fundamental difference between Stelena and Delena fans is the “soul mate” business :) I know that much has been said about Stefan and Elena being the true soul mates and I believe that this is in fact intention of the writers. HOWEVER, in my opinion and I emphasize, in my opinion, and in the opinion of Delena fans, the intention has not been clearly conveyed by acting and storylines….simply because some actors have more chemistry than others….and it is the case in case of Ian and Nina. I do not think that people expected them to be so appealing. Plus, their rocky relationship makes them more real, exiting and “lovable” couple. I agree with you that the writes will need to be very careful how they will develop romance for Delena so we all still admire Elena for her high morals and strong character.

    Kevin and Julie are brilliant writers and they know exactly what they are doing so I have all the confidence in them that the story of Elena, Stefan, and Damon will be beautiful.

  5. Thanks for your comment back and I agree with you. I actually think that when something happens between Elena and Damon it will be sweet and right in the moment, perhaps it will come out of grief or companionship. But in my opinion I love the relationship between Elena and Stefan and I think unless he isn’t in the picture he we always be her first choice but it’s safe to say whatever happens it’s going to be epic. :)

  6. no matter what, i accepted the fact the DE will have a fling but it wont be more than that, stelena foreverr

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