Katerina Graham Talks To PopWrap About Tonight’s Cliffhanger

PopWrap has a great interview up with Katerina Graham. She hints that on tonight’s episode “The Turning Point” at least one person’s fate will be left hanging!!! OMG…I can’t wait!! Check out some of the Q & A and read the rest HERE.


As every episode of “Vampire Diaries” unfolds, it becomes clear that there is a much larger mystery pumping at the heart of the show. Sure it’s a teen drama, but with witches, shady towns folk and more mysteries than an Angela Lansbury marathon, Stefan and Elena’s relationship seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

And I suspect that Katerina Graham’s Bonnie will factor into the show’s final equation quite heavily. The burgeoning witch has been exploring her past and unveiling town secrets in recent weeks and with tonight’s fall finale, Katerina teases that at least one person’s fate on the show will be left hanging!

PopWrap: How stoked were you that last week’s episode was so Bonnie-centric?
Katerina Graham: I was pretty excited. I heard that there was going to be a Bonnie episode, but you never know. Then to have it also be a really great, scary one that gave fans a lot of info about what was happening with her was even cooler.

PW: How much of Bonnie’s path to becoming a witch did you know about from day one?
Katerina: Very little. No one told me Bonnie was going to become a witch. You could tell from the pilot that this character was going to evolve, but she could have gone in a totally different direction — I mean, she could have become a vampire!

PW: I was kinda worried that she was about to after Damon bit her!
Katerina: So was I — like, so concerned!

PW: I mean, the last time Damon bit someone it didn’t end so well for Vicki — was it hard to say goodbye to Kayla Ewell?
Katerina: It was. We were devastated to lose Kayla. It was hard for all of us and we didn’t take it too well.

PW: After that were you all a little nicer to the writers?
Katerina: [laughs] It is all up to them to decide what makes sense for the story. Like I don’t know if Emily’s gone or anything. The story can go any which way, but as long as Bonnie’s alive, I’m happy!

Read the rest of the interview.


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  1. I live in Miami, Florida but I’ve watched all the episodes that have been aired so far!

  2. Yeah it’s due to a football game, it’s going to air Saturday for you guys. We’ve been tweeting about it today. It will be available online later though.

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