Katerina Graham Interview with Starry Constellation Magazine

Starry Constellation Magazine is known for their awesome celebrity interviews, and this Katerina Graham interview does not disappoint. Check out what Kat spills about her new song “Sassy”, new movie Honey 2 and what to expect from Bonnie in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries!

Q.  We heard you just finished filming the lead in the movie Honey 2, what’s new with the storyline?

A.  I’ve wanted to do a dance film for so long because I’m a dancer and it was like, “Wow, when am I going to get my chance?”  I auditioned for all of the other dance movies and no one picked me and I was devastated.  I finally got one and I am the lead in it which is insane because I didn’t think that would come any time soon.  The director Bille Woodruff really took a chance on me and he’s an incredible director and we shot it in LA with six or seven weeks of just nonstop dancing.  It’s cool, it’s this story about this girl Maria who gets out of juvy, she got caught up in the wrong crowd, and when she gets out she has to prove herself through dance.  She has to change her life for her, not for anyone else, and she discovers who she really is through dance.  It’s really awesome, it’s a great story and it’s a lot edgier and a lot more dancing than the first Honey.  There are crazy dance battles, we’re definitely coming for blood with this one.

Q.  How did you hear about the role, through auditioning or did someone seek you out?

A.  You know, kind of both.  One of my first dance teachers, he got me in with my dance agency and that really helped me as dancer, I saw him out in LA and he said I should audition for Honey.  I had just literally gotten back from Atlanta shooting the season finale, I think I had been in LA two days.  I was like what chance do I have, maybe I will audition for it.  A couple of days later I went in and auditioned and there were like six other girls there to audition for it.  I went to the call backs and then I got it.  It was very surreal, it all happened fast, we started rehearsals like that Monday.  We had rehearsals and it turned out so amazing, I am so happy with it.

Q.  How emotionally draining did you find the role to be?

A.  It was really hard because like I said I had never been a lead in anything this big before.  I had been the lead in an independent thing before but nothing with this kind of budget or anything like that.  There was a lot of pressure on me that I had never felt before but everyone was really sweet and helped me through it.  I would go two days without sleep, literally no sleep because I would still be doing stuff for my music on the weekend and photo shoots in LA to promote the second season of “Vampire Diaries.”  There was just a lot of stuff going on and some days it really took a toll on me.  I would be lying to you to tell you that it wasn’t an exhausting process.  It was really rewarding in the end because we came out with the best possible product we could.  I love that this character has had to fight through so much and in the end she wins in her own way.  I felt that same way with myself, even during the process.  Some people think, “she’s on a TV show and she’s in a movie,” but no matter how many great things you never know what someone is going through in their lives.  I use my acting and my music as a way of putting that out there because no one’s life is perfect.

Q.  With shooting season two of “Vampire Diaries,” what can you tease us about what’s going to happen with Bonnie?

A.  I can’t talk about the other characters because I don’t want to piss anyone off but Bonnie is definitely pretty fearless in the new one.  If there was a promise to anyone in the last episode, she keeps it.  Let’s just say that.  She is not one to F with right now, if I didn’t know her, I’d steer clear.

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