Katerina Graham Dishes On Bonnie’s Style With I Heart Heels

Julie of I Heart Heels had a chance to chat with Katerina Graham recently! She talks about how much her style differs from Bonnie’s, and how she purposely veers off to create her “own” style and do her own thing rather than wearing what’s trendy.


IHH: Describe your character Bonnie’s style on The Vampire Diaries.

KG: Bonnie has a very hippie style – very earthy and natural. Simple, but still young and innocent.

IHH: Is Bonnie’s style ever anything you would wear on your own?

KG: We’re different to the extreme. Bonnie goes for the loafer, while I opt for the platform stiletto. But, I love Bonnie’s clothes and will even see something and pick it up in a store if I feel it reflects her. As an actor, it’s important to lose your ego and fall into the character, even if she’s different than you are style-wise.

IHH: The leather jacket is very “vampirish” and a hot trend this season. What do you think about it – do you try to wear what’s on trend or stick to mostly basics?

KG: I don’t do leather that much personally. I can see why dark, dangerous designs could be very vampirish – like Nina Ricci, or even McQueen’s last fall season. Alexander Wang also has some dark pieces I could see on a couple of high-fashion vampires. But, I don’t wear what’s on trend, and always like to do my own thing. In fact, if everyone is wearing one kind of style, I purposely veer off to do my own thing.

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