Kat Graham Talks Scary Spice and Cold Hearted Snake With Crushable

Here’s a great interview with Kat Graham by Crushable. She talks about what the girls might go as for Halloween..Spice Girls! Drinking soda while eating Pop Rocks and some predictions.

Crushable: Any plans for Halloween?

Kat: I think the girls from the cast and I are going to stay in Atlanta this year. I’m really hoping we can pull off the Spice Girls for a costume. I really want to be Scary Spice, finally, after all these years!

Crushable: Ha, Mel B.! She has the new reality show out.

Kat: I know, I really want to watch it and see how accurate I am.

Crushable: It’s a Scary World.

Kat: It’s a Scary World, with Mel B.! And Nina (Dobrev) would be Posh, and Kayla Ewell would be sporty, and Candice Accola would be Baby.

Crushable: We might be going as the two guys from Mythbusters.

Kat: What’s that?

Crushable: I don’t know…these two guys go around and I think…bust myths?

Kat: Oh, I know one. Pop rocks and soda won’t kill you. I didn’t even know that they might, I only heard about it after I had already done it.

Crushable: Wait, you just tried to drink soda while eating Pop Rocks without knowing that was an urban legend?

Kat: Yeah! Why not?

Read the rest of the interview.


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