TVD Season 7 Premiere – Julie Plec Talks Twists & Flash Forwards


We finally made it! The Vampire Diaries has returned for its 7th season and boy was it a doozy! Check out what Julie revealed about what’s to come moving forward.

Via TVLine:

TVLINE | Is the plan to catch up to the three-year jump by the end of the season?
Yes, that’s the plan — probably about three-quarters of the way through the season, actually.


TVLINE | So you must have everything pretty well mapped out.
Oh, yes. The thing about flash-forwards is that you do your best to map everything out at the beginning, because if you screw up, you’re stuck with it forever. We laid out the broad strokes of what we wanted to do and what little surprises we wanted to drop along the way. But we’ve also made some new discoveries in doing that; characters who perhaps weren’t going to live to see three years from now are now alive in their own flash-forwards. [Laughs] It’s good for our actors to know they might survive the time jump.


TVLINE | Let’s talk about that woman coming after Damon and Stefan with the crossbow. Is she someone we know? Someone we’re going to meet?
That’s Stephen Amell in drag. [Laughs] I can’t say, but a lot of people have told me their theories and there have been a couple doozies. I think it’s more fun to keep people guessing.


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Via Variety:

What can you tell us about the cut on Stefan’s chest at the end of the episode? It looks like a cross.

It’s a little bit of an “x.” If you want to see a different version of this, take a look at what Beau (Jaiden Kaine) is doing when he’s adjusting his scarf at the end of his episode. You will find something very familiar about the scar on his body.


Can you tell us if Candice King’s pregnancy will be factored into the season?

I can’t yet tell you. Not because I don’t want to. We have talked about all kinds of wonderful and creative ways to use the pregnancy or write around her pregnancy. We made a decision we are really excited about and it’s in that story in all kinds of good ways. People are going to have to hold on a little bit before we tell them.


Read more over at Variety.


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