TV Guide Answers The Vampire Diaries Finale Burning Questions [SPOILER ALERT]

TV Guide mentions The Vampire Diaries in their Finale Burning Questions post. Here’s what Julie Plec had to say about Elena becoming a vampire.

The Vampire DiariesElena is a vampire? Really?!

Yep, Vampire Diaries‘ teen heroine will be growing some fangs come Season 4. “It will be a very emotional, very complicated first episode when the show returns, but Elena’s future is pretty set,” says executive producer Julie Plec. What’s not a done deal is just which brother she’ll end up with. “That’s the best question of all!” says Plec, adding that though Elena (Nina Dobrev) chose Stefan (Paul Wesley) in the season finale, “everything has changed. Not necessarily how she feels about the boys, but who she is. This may bring her closer than ever to Stefan, or it may give her a deeper bond with Damon [Ian Somerhalder]. Plus, she’ll start learning things, like how Damon compelled her to forget their first meeting. Those memories will come back, and it’ll add more fuel to the fire.” —Ileane Rudolph


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  1. Ok, I like Delena, but I don’t think the two minute conversation they had would change her love for Stefan. They didn’t kiss or anything big, if simply who she met first decided things she is an idiot. She fell for Stefan first, that is what matters. If you have to be with who you met first, everyone would be with the first non relative they set eyes on.

  2. Okay
    Have fun watching the next season guys because I decided not to watch anything until I hear she has chosen Damon….

  3. I am looking forward to seeing how much Elena changes as a vampire. I dont imagine it will be very drastic, because Caroline is pretty much the same as she was as a human.
    As for Damon/Stefan I am over the triangle and kind of hope that next season they dont concentrate so much on it. I know it is an integral part of the whole story. But it is old already.
    My one true hope for this season is they leave Stefan with an edge, he is so much fun to watch when he is in real vampire mode, and sooooo boring as lapdog Stefan.
    Oh well we have a long summer before we will find out.

  4. Omg! Can somebody tell me wen exactly does season 4 come out. This show is awesome I hope there’s like 8 full seasons becuz i just cnt stop watching this.!!!!:-)

  5. Sometime early October. No official date has been announced yet. We’ll probably hear something in the coming month or so.

  6. I can’t wait 4 the next season. I. Think it is going to be assume and I hope Damon gets the girl because Steven is so much cooler as an. Bad. Boy

  7. If you dont already know the new season fo vampire diaries kicks up october 11 on cw,and i can’t wait the exciment is killing me im really hoping that Elena realizes that her and damon belong together not her and stefan,sorry its just the way i see things:)

  8. I hope she ends up with Damon, stefan does seem better when he’s all edgy and dark… Hey, he might actually be better for Katerina petrova/Katherine, considering she loves Stefan , I’m sure the series will keep us guessing, so addictive.

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