The Vampire Diaries Producers Talk What’s to Come in Season 7


Took us a couple of days to recover from Thursday’s Season 6 finale, but we are back now and have several post-mortem interviews with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries. Talking Nina Dobrev’s exit and what we can expect in Season 7.

E!Online on that final scene that teased a time jump:

E! News: That final scene looked like the apocalypse hit Mystic Falls.
Caroline Dries: That’s the tease we’re leaving with you to mull over the summer: what the heck happened to Mystic Falls without Elena? It’s to be answered in the premiere, but the time jump is part of the narrative and story of episode 1. Why are there boarded-up windows? Why is there garbage everywhere? What the heck happened? Why is Damon standing on that clock tower looking so pissed off?

Can you say how far into the future that is?
We are keeping it all a mystery for now. It will be covered in the premiere. Those questions will all be answered in the premiere.

Is the entire season going to take place in the future or are we going to jump back and forth?
We’ll catch up to that time period. It will make sense when you see the premiere, but we’ll stay in that time period after the premiere.

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TVLine on whether Damon will find someone else (editor’s note: don’t count on it!):

TVLINE | Damon obviously still loves Elena, but he’s also a sexual creature, so is there a chance he could take up with someone else? Is that something you’re willing to embrace?
The problem is that, as you said, he is still so madly in love with her. It would feel false for him to meet someone else and have sparks and fall in love. The viewers also wouldn’t embrace it; any girl who comes close to Damon gets clawed at with their opinions, so it’s not something we’re going to jump into as writers right away. He’s got to be with himself for a bit, and his love story will be based back on Stefan.

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Buzzfeed on next season not being built around a love triangle (editor’s note: praise the Lord!):

How are you feeling about the stories you’ve begun to break for next year?

JP: We feel great. We’ve got not just the first half of the season marked out, but we have sort of the big mythology for the full season and a launching point for Season 8. To have that already is really thrilling and it let us go on our very brief vacations with a little bit of clear heads and light hearts. I think that the beauty of this show is you have the Salvatore brothers who are so powerful, you have Caroline Forbes who is an epic character, and Bonnie Bennett, and Alaric Saltzman, and Matt Donovan, and Enzo… He needs a last name, I’m realizing. But there are a lot of stories to tell, a lot of relationship dynamics to play out, and a lot of mystery to build.

We’re very excited about the season, and I think the actors specifically are really jazzed that it’s going to be a season based in tension, suspense, some vampire drama, some folklore, some mystery, and not just built around a love triangle. That certainly started to wear out its welcome amongst the actors and the writers. There’s only so much of that you can write before you start to feel like you’re getting a little stale. Given the choice, I’m sure we’d all prefer to have Nina still on the show, but if there is an upside to this situation, it is the freedom to break away from that paradigm and spread our wings a little bit.

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  1. i really dont think Nina Dobrev (elaina gilbert) should leave the show. She’s such a big deal in this show and it will be such a big loss

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