Julie Plec Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Finale with TV Guide


TV Guide spoke to Julie Plec where she talks about the “crushing” finale and closure for Elena.

After building the Damon and Elena relationship for so long, where does Damon go from here?We saw one version where he doesn’t handle her death so well.
You get a little tease of it. You get a little something to think about over the summer, but really, we’ll dive into him and how he’s feeling and what he’s doing with his life in Season 7.

Will Stefan wait for Caroline to come around on a relationship?
That’s the question of the finale. What does he learn over the course of the finale that might lead him to a decision about how to pursue, or not pursue, this girl he clearly has feelings for?

Should we expect a cliff-hanger or does it feel like the end of a chapter?
There’s definitely still something to wet your whistle with for what’s to come, a glimpse of the future, and we see what’s become of our world without Elena Gilbert in it. It’s a little tease to get you talking.

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