Julie Plec Interview With Zap2It

Zap2It chatted with Julie Plec recently, and she dished on what’s to come as far as the Tyler/Caroline/Matt triangle. Will Matt finally have his moment?

“Matt’s been kind of busing tables on the sidelines for a good portion of this season, trying to understand what’s going on in this non-relationship with this girl that he cares about but doesn’t understand,” Plec says. “We’re about to¬†really heat that up and have him start asking a lot more questions. He’s really trying to get to the bottom of Caroline’s feelings for him and where he wants to them to be as a couple.”

Now that Tyler’s in the doghouse, Matt and Caroline may have another chance at a real relationship. “In the last episode before we go away for hiatus, there’s a really great Matt and Caroline moment that I think will make you very happy,” Plec says.

Read the rest of this great interview over at Zap2It!

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