100’s Of Actors Have Read For Klaus Says Julie Plec

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Julie Plec recently where she talks about why they are not taking lightly the task of finding the right actor to play the infamous Klaus.

Fans have been more than happy to offer their picks online. “We like the people on Twitter who are like ‘Alexander Skarsgard has to be Klaus!’ I’m like really? ‘Cause that’s original,” Plec says, laughing. They’re willing to think outside the box. “The big important elements of this character are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise. So whether he’s an Old Word-flavored guy or new hip, contemporary, speedy kinda guy, that remains to be seen. We’ll see what actor we connect to the most.” The character will make his appearance by season’s end, Plec says.

Read the rest of the story over at Entertainment Weekly.


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  1. Kinda liking the suggestion of Jason Dohring as Klaus. He has a ageless look about him. He can be ultra charming and scary at the same time. His role of Josef Kostan in Moonlight was a great example.

    If they are hunting for someone who is better looking than Ian, then the role of Klaus will never be filled aka Mission Impossible.

  2. How about Zachary Quinto. He’s played in TV shows before, Heroes on NBC. He’s not too mainstream. He can play a bad guy and a charmer all in one.
    And he has eyebrows to rival Damon.

  3. WHAT A FUCK?!?!?! this guy look,s more dangerous as other Actor like,s this guy is strong of scense humer even if he is English or Australian Actor oh men Alexander Skarcsgards i saw him on Imdb.com

  4. well from this guy Alexander skarcsgards for what i,ve seen in youtube this guy is amasing for those who wana see him in the vampire diaries so cool waw congratulations

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