Vampire Diaries First Look: TV Guide Talks to Taylor Kinney

Finally, we get our first look at the new Lockwood in Mystic Falls. TV Guide’s William Keck chats with Taylor Kinney about “Mason Lockwood”, his relationship with Tyler and butting heads with the Salvatore brothers. (Click the picture to your left for a closer look…you know you wanna, *wink*)

“Mason has learned to harness his rage and is going to serve as a mentor to Tyler,” says Taylor. “I’ve come to teach Tyler that there are choices he can make to control his destiny as a human…or otherwise.”

Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) adds, “Taylor’s been adjusting really well. I don’t envy when new people come [on set] because we’ve all already created this family bond, but everyone’s really accepted him.” The same won’t hold true in Mystic Falls, reveals Ian Somerhalder (Damon). “Mason’s a really nice guy, but Damon makes it difficult for him to be nice,” says Ian. “He really pisses Damon off.”

“Yeah, we don’t get along,” echoes Taylor. “Historically, the Salvatores haven’t gotten along with the Lockwoods for ages, and having a new Lockwood in town doesn’t sit well.”

It hasn’t been lost on him that he’s following in the werewolf paw prints of another famous Taylor — Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner. “My brother gave me a few ‘Team Jacob’ magnets to mess with me,” says Taylor, who apparently sports impressive abs of his own. “I don’t know if I stack up to Mr. Lautner, but we’ll see.”

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  1. So I took your advise and clicked on the image for a closer look, um… myself and my friends are in love! Wowwww, cannot wait to see him on the Vampire Dairies. From what we see here on the image, he seriously is a sexy hot looking guy. We can’t even gather our thoughts to write something witty, were stunned, omg he is hot!!! See, already said it before. More images please?

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