TV Guide’s Exclusive Post-mortem for The Vampire Diaries “Gone Girl”

Gone Girl

Caroline Dries chats with TV Guide about last night episode “Gone Girl”. She talks about where exactly Katherine went, and here she explains what has happened to Elena.

“It’s now, how do we get out of this?” Dries says. “Elena is dealing with the turmoil and emotional damage left in Katherine’s wake, but Elena is also dying. This virus is killing her. Two of our main characters have this incurable virus and they want to kill everyone, so what do they do? Our guys will have to make a deal with the devil to save their friends.”

Read the rest of the story over at TV Guide.


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  1. i love it so much the final Scene of Gone girl that bitch of the soul of Katherine is i think is already gone because of the twister so is very good sign WuuuuW Bonnie Bonnie bonnie bonnie bonnie bonnie bonnie Saves the day Wuuuuwwww!!!!! i love to repeat that scense the wind took that bith kat away Wuuuww!! YYEEYYY!!!!

  2. OH SHIT So I was right Elena is dying!? Uh oh …
    So by devil she must mean Klaus?¿ EWW interesting. Then again Klaus doesn’t benefit from helping her now in anyway that he’s tapped Caroline or does he.:) I really hope its not the beginning of the end of this series. Though I know its near end time…of course there’s gonna be another season but I wish it could last 4ever! Unless they find something of usefulness to Elena’s disease in Dr crazies lil house of horror then wat tha hell else can they do other than call Klaus & hit up burbon street? How about a crossover that’d be awesome! It was really nice to see Bonnie finally be the one to save the day again! I hate that she has to do her work threw the blond who obviously has a thing for jer! I noticed she hated it as well.lol her face was to die for wen she started touching his hand all sexually! Classic jealousy!

  3. I think the deal with the devil will involve the new leader of the Travelers Markos. Uh oh.

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