Torrey DeVitto Interview with TV Fanatic

TV Fanatic caught up with Torrey DeVitto for a quick chat about her role on The Vampire Diaries as the beautiful Dr. Mary Fell.

“She meets Alaric and is fascinated by his ability  to recover from medical incidents so quickly,” Devitto said. “And that  professional fascination turns into a romantic fascination.”

Wait… what happens to Alaric?!? Does Devitto’s  Dr. Fell meet him in the ER?

“Quite possibly,” the actress simply teased.

Devitto said she has watched The Vampire  Diaries off and on – she is married to star Paul Wesley, after all – but  she wasn’t familiar with Alaric’s extraordinarily bad (read: deadly) history  with women to date. Will Mary survive the relationship?

“For the sake of his character alone, I hope so,”  she laughed. “Hopefully I don’t burn up in flames or try to kill him or  anything. He deserves a better ending than he’s had.”

Devitto has filmed four episodes so far and assured  me her character has no supernatural abilities.

Read the rest of the article over at TV Fanatic.


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