Tim Kang Interview: Meet Oscar, The Stoner Heretic via TVLine


TVLine had a chance to catch up with Tim Kang, who we will meet in tonight’s episode “Age of Innocence”. See what Tim had to share about his character Oscar.

TVLINE | I have to imagine there’s more to Oscar that makes this worth the trip.
We will come to realize he has a surprising connection to the Salvatores, and I think it’ll be a fun reveal.


TVLINE | I also feel like smoking weed and using magic can be either really fun… or really dangerous.
[Laughs] I think for the most part, in Oscar’s case, it’s really fun. But when push comes to shove, he turns out to be dangerous. He’s the kind of character who doesn’t pick fights, but if you want to fight, he’ll definitely bring it. And we’ll be seeing some of that in the next two episodes.


TVLINE | I like that it sounds like he’s not just an outright villain.
He’s a lover, not a fighter. But being a heretic and having the witch and vampire qualities affords him a great deal of power. And he can use that power when he needs to.


Read more over at TVLine.


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