Sara Canning Interview With Entertainment Weekly

Sara Canning chats with Mandi Bierly of EW about Jenna’s future. Will Jenna ever find out about the vampires, werewolves and witches? Check out this spoilery scoop about Jenna’s possible “relationship” with Elijah.

Speaking of the Originals, we know Elijah (Daniel Gillies), who’s posing as an author researching small towns, has already met Jenna, who got roped into playing Historical Society hostess in the last episode. Will they be seeing more of each other? “Yes,” Canning says. “When Elijah first comes to town, they have a pretty introductory kind of ‘hello, what are you up to here, this is what I do’ relationship. But we’ll see that grow into something else. And that is all I’m saying.” Could it turn, gulp, romantic? ”She’s been with like every other guy who comes back to town,” she says, laughing. “My dad, every time he watches the show, he’ll call me right after and say, ‘Really? Another guy?’ Which is pretty funny. He’s like, ‘What is going on with your character? She has been around the block.’ Elijah is very charming. That would put her in a weird position, because we all know what his deal is, and I’m sure he’s not gonna tell her. That’d be fun.”

Read the rest of the article over at Entertainment Weekly.

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