New Interview with Michael Malarkey from Seat42F!


Seat42F caught up with Michael Malarkey recently to talk all things TVD. Check out a snippet from the interview below!

So what kind of game is Enzo playing with the Heretics?  Is he playing a long-con?  Is he looking for family?  What is kind of going on with him?
MICHAEL:  He doesn’t know these Heretics.  It’s not about the Heretics really.  It’s about Lily and the connection he has with her, and we get to the bottom of what that is truly about  and, in that last episode, we got a hint of what is actually going on below the surface.  I think as much as he has chosen a side, as we saw in the last episode, he is now forced to live with a bunch of virtual strangers and a woman that he admires and respects.  So that is a whole new can of worms that can potentially be opened up.  Like, does he get along with these people and how does he feel about them? So more conflict.

What was ultimately the linchpin?  Why did Enzo choose Lily over his best friend Damon?
MICHAEL:  That’s true.  But, at the same time, when you look at the track record he has with Damon — he has been there for Damon countless times — and it seems like every time it actually matters, Damon has not been there for him.  Not that he is holding a grudge, but it’s like, “Look, she’s been there for me. She’s offering this family.  She cares about me.”  But Damon is only there when he wants to be.  Damon’s love-sick and doing his own thing.  And in Enzo’s opinion, Damon is maybe a little selfish. So I think the choice was kind of made by the fact that Enzo already had this connection with Lily and what she is offering is truly what he wanted:  respect and a family.


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