More Vampire Diaries Teases from Caroline Dries via THR, Zap2It & TV Fanatic

Fifty Shades of Grayson

Caroline Dries has been making the rounds with more scoop from THR, Zap2It and TV Fanatic. Check out what she had to say!

Via THR:

What is the overarching theme for the fifth season that has helped shape the arcs?

We knew that it would be a season of Elena dating Damon and what does it means to date the bad boy. And if you date Damon, you date all of his baggage too. You have to believe in him and be able to justify his backstory to even love him. A lot of it for Elena is meant to be this gray area: “Am I changing because of my boyfriend or can I find a way to bring the light out of him?” The gray area is what we were trying to go for thematically. We wanted to pay attention to Damon’s backstory and deepen his history on the show. That’s where we introduced Augustine. That also helps us connect him to Elena’s college world.

Via Zap2It:

And it turns out Damon hasn’t really changed at all, now that we found out he’s been killing Whitmores this entire time. How is that going to affect Damon and Elena’s relationship? Is this the end of “Delena”?

It’s obviously a lot for Elena to chew on when she found out. And she’s going to continue to be digesting that when she’s on this medical lab table that we saw her wake up on in Wes’ weird makeshift lab. So she’s trying to deal and come to terms with why he would do that or how she could be with somebody who was like that. And she actually has this surprising revelation at the end of how she decides to process that information and move forward with Damon.

Via TV Fanatic:

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about the mid-season finale?

Caroline Dries: We left off with the big cliffhanger that Enzo is still alive and survived the fire, so the tension of the episode is what will happen when Damon realizes that Enzo is still alive and what is Enzo going to do to Damon. We’re introducing that relationship and it’s frightening because Enzo’s a little unhinged because he’s been experimented on for the last 70 years, so you can imagine being inside his brain. It’s also a very complicated relationship because he weirdly loves Damon because Damon was his friend for five years, his only friend for all of that time, so they share this dark past that nobody else will relate to.

TVF: So is Enzo the Augustine Vampire? Or are there multiple Augustine vampires?

CD: Well, that’s going to be revealed in this episode. This episode is meant to kind of answer all of the questions that we keyed up in the premiere when Megan was killed and how that all happened and why.


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  1. I think katherine should be a vampire again, I know she can’t keep vampire blood down , but I think it would be good of stefan blood will work the blood of her opposite dobbleganger, got to keep nina dobrev as katherine otherwise it won’t be the same , and stefan and katherine should get together. ;), he’s always loved her why he kept the photo of her so long and even kept it when he was with Elena lol, Caroline dries I’m sure you will come up something good just keep katherine as katherine otherwise viewers will drop I think

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