Michael Malarkey Talks New EP, TVD and More!


Michael Malarkey recently made the rounds chatting with various news outlets about his new EP and The Vampire Diaries. Check out what Michael recently told Hunger TV about…well his amazing TVD fans. *wink*

Do you ever get used to the Vampire Diaries fandom? Have you had any bizarre encounters with fans?

I was in no way prepared for what was about to hit me when I started on the show. I watch as much as I can as far as television goes. I try and watch all the pilots that come out to see what’s out there. As an actor it’s my job to be informed. So I’d seen a couple of episodes, but I had no idea that the fan base was so expansive. I think it is the most popular show on social media in the world, there’s something like several hundred million viewers worldwide. I had no idea it was that huge. It was a shock. It’s been great, and the fans are part of what makes our show what it is; without them we wouldn’t really have a show. It would have been cancelled after a couple of years. We owe a lot to the fans and it’s important to be able to give back, and we do a lot of personal appearances and conventions. And in my mind that’s us saying that we appreciate you. And we do. They’re amazing.

Read more over at Hunger TV.


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