Michael Malarkey & Kat Graham Tease TVD Season 7 with E!Online


E!Online caught up with Michael Malarkey and Kat Graham at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Check out what both Michael and Kat teased about Season 7.

“As far as my character goes, there is loads of good, juicier stuff,” Malarkey teased. “My character will have a new love interest, so there is something on the table.”


He also revealed that Enzo will be forced to make some “big decisions,” and it forces him to reveal a softer side of himself. However, that doesn’t mean the old Enzo is gone! Malarkey teased some “amazing” fight scenes that had him completely drenched in sweat.


“We literally ramped it up and juiced it up, so I am pumped,” he told us. “It will be so good.”



Fellow TVD star Kat Graham also promised a new love interest for Bonnie, but wouldn’t budge on giving us literally any details other than, “I have one.” Hey, we’ll take it!


She did, however, give us all the scoop she could in the form of a few exciting-sounding adjectives to describe the upcoming season: “Hot, steamy, wild, violent, crazy, bloody, and stunty.”

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  1. Omgee. Makes no sense to put them together. No chemistry. No scenes. No anything. Ugh.

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