Michael Malarkey Interview Roundup! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Devil Inside

Michael Malarkey has been making the rounds chatting with various news outlets! Check out what Michael teased about tonight’s episode! We will add more as they come in. SPOILER ALERT!!

Via TVLine:

“We finally get to discover the truth about how Enzo was turned into a vampire, which is exciting,” Michael Malarkey tells TVLine. “We have a little flashback episode which delves into all of that, and his connection to Lily Salvatore.”

And you can bet that whatever Enzo and Lily’s connection is — some fans are already speculating that he’s a secret Salvatore brother, though I think that might be a little premature — it’s going to have a major impact on Enzo’s relationships with Stefan and Damon.

“There’s going to be this element of being torn by his friendship with Damon — who’s a bit of a loose cannon by the end of the season — as well as his friction with Stefan,” Malarkey explains. “It ends with a prospect of this connection that Enzo has with Lily and what they’re going to end up doing together.”

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Via THR:

Damon is one of Enzo’s only friends. How does the fact that this is Damon’s mother impact the preset-day relationship between Enzo and Lily?

We haven’t really had a chance to explore that too deeply. I think Damon’s pretty shocked as it is. But I think that will be one of the storylines we explore in season seven.

Looking at the other Salvatore family members, he’s been on quite the roller coaster with Sarah (Tristin Mays). Where do you see their relationship right now?

It started off as something sinister — he wanted to corrupt her to get back at Stefan. He ended up developing this soft spot for her. She’s an attractive girl and that can’t be disputed. He starts to think about the fact that he’s really been endangering her by all of the things he’s been doing, so he ends up feeling a little bit more remorseful about that. You’ll see what happens at the end of the episode between him and Sarah. It all comes to a head.

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Via TV Guide:

“In a flashback, he’s dying of tuberculosis and he’s trying to get on this passenger ship to New York when he meets Lily, who takes pity on him and ends up turning him into a vampire,” Malarkey tells TVGuide.com. “But what he thought happened all those years ago proves to be different than the real story, which he finds out in [next week’s episode]. That forces him to think about things in a different way and move forward and create this strange relationship with Lily and an unlikely bond … because she sired him. In the coming season I think that will be explored in more detail, and he feels more connected to her than anybody else.”

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Via Access Hollywood:

Filming on Season 6 of “The Vampire Diaries” is currently wrapping up this week. It’s been Michael’s first as a series regular on The CW show, something that coincided with another first in his life.

“It’s great,” he said of his first season as a series regular (he first appeared on the show in Season 5). “And I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity and also, I just adore the cast and the crew and the producers and everybody on the show, so it’s been extremely positive and you know, it was one of the many reasons I wanted to join on as a regular was because the company’s so amazing. But this season for me was a complete whirlwind because I had a baby while filming. He was born in September, and so I’ve had my hands very full. It’s gone so fast to be honest. It feels like we just started yesterday.”

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