Michael Malarkey Ferrvor Magazine Photo Shoot & Interview


Photographed by Internationally published Photographer, Kaleb Khu, at the Dixie Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

Thanks to Ferrvor Magazine, we have some beautiful shots to share with you from Michael Malarkey’s photo shoot. Check them out below, but first, read an excerpt from the interview where Michael discusses his love of the fans and his appreciation for our support.

You have a busy schedule, what does a typical day OFF look like for Michael Malarkey?

At the moment, it usually entails being bossed around by and cleaning up after my son. His current nickname is The Young Emperor. Another favourite is The Town Crier. On the rare occasion that I have the place completely to myself, I will spend the day playing music and writing new songs.

That sounds pretty awesome. On your working days, you travel all around the world for The Vampire Diaries conventions. What are the fans like and have you adjusted to being recognized?

I absolutely love going on the road and connecting with our fans in different countries. This fandom is intense and very passionate. A lot of them are also very supportive of us in whatever other avenues we are pursuing. I am also a singer/songwriter and have had an incredible response from them to my debut EP, Feed The Flames, and to my live show. My next album, Knots, will be out this autumn and I’m really excited about how it’s coming together.

Read more from this in depth interview over at Ferrvor Magazine.


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