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Annie Wersching has been making the rounds chatting with various news outlets in prep for tonight’s episode, where we get to meet the infamous, Lily Salvatore. Damon and Stefan’s long lost mother, who was thought to be dead. Check out what Annie had to say from TVLine and more. We’ll add more interviews as they come in.

Via TVLine:

TVLINE | So much of the focus right now is on Damon and Lily, but Stefan is also her son. What’s that dynamic, and when will we see them interact?

I actually think I shot for quite a while before I even met Paul [Wesley], so most of her initial stuff is with Damon. It’s actually Damon’s plan to have mama be the thing to help Stefan out of his humanity-off phase. That doesn’t necessarily mean things go according to plan, but that’s the idea. … She tries her best to be what her sons want her to be, but she’s a very different woman now.

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Via Alloy Entertainment:

Alloy Entertainment: First thing’s first. How did you react to the news that you were going to play Mama Salvatore?

Annie Wersching: You know, when I got the job, I hadn’t seen any episode. Since then though, I’ve watched the first three seasons and it’s been a lot of fun. They don’t mention her too much, but you can definitely feel her absence — especially when you hear about her through some of the flashbacks. I’m supper excited to play this mysterious characters that fans have been eager to learn about these past six years.

Alloy Entertainment: In other news, Damon and crew are traveling to the 1903 prison world to rescue Lily! What can you tease about her return?

Annie Wersching: I know strange things happen all the time on this show, but it’s going to be a strange experience for her. Damon and Elena, with the help of Bonnie and Kai, are able to travel to the prison world where Mama Salvatore is trapped, and there’s that moment when she and Damon see each other for the first time. It’s just crazy. In the upcoming episodes, you get to hear a lot about Lily’s story — what exactly she’s been doing for the last few decades and how she ended up in the prison world to begin with.

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Via Seat42F:

What draws her back to Mystic Falls?

ANNIE:  Pretty quickly you learn that Damon has this plan that maybe if he brings Mama back to Mystic Falls, she might be able to help with Stefan’s humanity issue. That is what initially brings her back to present day Mystic Falls. But, of course, as the show goes on, nothing goes exactly as planned.  A lot of stuff happens to her besides trying to help with Stefan.

How does Lily feel about her sons, Damon and Stefan?

ANNIE:  That’s a huge part of her — the relationship between her and these boys — they have in their head this sort of vision and that’s been crushed, their idea of what happened to her.  They hold a lot of anger and resentment about what they think has been lies and, of course, there are two sides to every story.  So she wants very much so to try to be the mother that they long for and they are hoping for to be returned to them.  But she has lived through a lot of awful stuff since she “died.”  She is not quite able to give them exactly what they are looking for, but she is trying.

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A little teaser scoop from TV Guide:

Damon will quickly learn that her housewife façade is hiding a destructive supernatural ability. “She the most intense vampire you can find in the world of Mystic Falls,” Wersching says. “Not only is she not the mother they remember, but it’s hard for her to even remember that mother she was. All three of them have quite a journey to go through in order to get back to a mother-son bonding scenario.”

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Via EW:

Lily’s “Thing”

And Lily’s story comes with a shocking reveal. “There’s something that she reveals to Damon and Elena in this episode when they’re getting ready to leave this prison world that is very shocking to them and they don’t quite know what to do with it. Once she gets to present day Mystic Falls, there still is this thing that she reveals in the prison world that she needs to fix,” Wersching said, adding that fixing this “thing” will be Lily’s number one priority. “She really needs something from a lot of people in Mystic Falls in order to help her with this thing.”

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Via Examiner:

Lily is someone who’s certainly “dangerous and intense…but on top of that a mother, a sort of refined 1800’s woman,” she said. “She has a fierce loyalty to those she considers family. It’s a really interesting dichotomy; that’s been pretty fun to play.”

So has being the person to help The Vampire Diaries‘ loyal fans start to unravel her mystery.

“Not much has ever been explained about her,” she continued. “The fans, they’ve been waiting for like six seasons to find anything out. They’ll learn a nice little chunk about her tomorrow. Of course, in this show, there’s always more.”

Playing the parent of one of a show’s main characters is way beyond your ordinary guest starring role. Especially when that parent has been much discussed but never before seen. The appearance of Lily is pretty much a game-changer. So what was Annie’s reaction when she was told about her character’s familial ties?

“I was incredibly excited,” she told us. “It’s a very, very cool role.”

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