Lauren Cohan Discusses Rose’s Exit & the “Edited” Elena Chat

EW‘s Mandi Bierly caught up with Lauren where she mentions how she cried when she read the script for “The Descent” and discusses the heart to heart that was edited between Rose and Elena.

Cohan says she knew that her arc was a limited run, but she had no idea how Rose would exit — with Damon mercy staking her after Jules’ werewolf bite — until she read the script, and cried. “So dramatic,” she says. “It’s not usually what you expect to get to do when you’re guest-starring on a TV show. I just thought it was such a moving script.

Another fun tidbit: We asked Cohan about that conversation between Rose and Elena that was in the promo but not in the actual episode — specifically that line in which Rose told Elena it was okay to love both Salvatore brothers. She says they shot a bunch of stuff that she assumes was trimmed for time, including “a deranged rampage through the parking lot, which really felt like the peak of the dementia” in between Rose killing the janitor and the car couple, as well as that revealing portion of her chat with Elena. “I loved that piece between Rose and Elena because I think Rose looked at Elena like a younger sister in a way, and it really was okay that Elena loves different things in both of these men. Being conflicted doesn’t make her a bad person. It was almost like Rose needed to tell her to not be so hard on herself and to not give up,” she says. “It was really cute because Elena tried to cover the fact that she does love them both in a way. That’s when Rose kinda pushed her to say it. [She’s saying] Come on. Just admit it. You don’t have to feel bad about it,’ in the same breath as, ‘Own who you are. It’s okay to let them fight for you. It’s okay to want to live. And it’s okay to be conflicted. Keep going.’”

Read the rest of the interview over at EW.


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  1. That missing line was sure missed in my circles of chat! They may have trimmed it for “time”; however, I wondered if it was more a matter of the writers not being ready to “go there” yet. I imagine they do read everything that gets tweeted at them, and the fandom has been very passionate and vocal about what they want to see happen. And it’s just so much more fun to tease everybody for a while longer! Isn’t that one of the reasons we tune in every week? From upcoming episodes I’ve been reading about, it will be much more interesting to see Elena struggle with coming to terms with this on her own, rather than getting hit in the face with it.

  2. i agree. istead of her being told how she feels, i want to see her come to realize herself how she feels for damon. that “oh shit, what do i do now” look on her face will be worth the wait.

  3. u know elena is shown to be too understanding of stefan and too hard on damon, when stefan was telling her the story of how he ripped a lot of people before, she responded as oh, are u okay, talking about damon killing lexi! so i think a lot of things need to happenn before she assumingly comes to the point that she loves damon too!

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