Kat Graham Talks TVD with Hunger Mag & Would She Return for a Season 8?


Kat Graham was recently featured in Hunger Magazine. Check out the photos from the photo shoot below, read an excerpt from the interview, then head on over to Hunger Magazine for the rest of the interview!

Can you see yourself doing Vampire Diaries for much longer?

I think I was really excited about the idea of doing a season seven, based on the fact that I feel like my character, who was basically in the other dimension for about two years, finally got out, and I knew that the fans felt that the character’s story wasn’t completed. There are storylines with other characters, whether it’s Damon, or other people that the character has scenes with, that they just felt that the character’s relationships had not come full circle or had not fully developed, and wanted to explore that also, I felt the same way. I didn’t feel like the character’s story was done, I felt that there was more that they could do, but I won’t say I would do a Season eight, it really depends on whether I’m fulfilled, and whether we’re like ‘Okay, this story’s been told, and we’re good to go.’

The dynamic on set must be quite different without Nina Dobrev?

For me that’s my fucking girl, like she’s the most real girl, next to Claire Holt who was also on the show, that I also had a great connection with. It will be very weird for me to not have her there. I mean I did most of my scenes by myself the past couple of seasons, so unfortunately beside a couple of flashbacks I haven’t really worked with her. But this is somebody who put their heart, and their soul, and all their time, for half a decade, into the show, and I really want to see her do some spectacular things now, and she obviously felt like Elena’s story had been told, and I can’t disagree with her. I’m like okay, you had enough time to tell the story, let’s jump to the next part of you life, and I’m just excited to see what’s next for her.

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  1. I think Kat Graham look’s very exhausted to do more seasons of TVD but I hope to see her again at least in season 7 if she can’t do season 8 but if she can do season 8 I would pleased to see her again and more gladly

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