Jodi Lyn O’Keefe Chats with TVLine About The Wedding, The Cure & More

"Prayer for the Dying"

Check out what Jodi Lyn O’Keefe had to say about The Cure and more via TVLine.

TVLINE | Speaking of Elena, she finds out Jo is pregnant soon, and it causes her to reflect on her own future. What can you say about that?

I think Jo is going to be how she’s always been with Elena, which is very supportive. She’ll want her to think it through and decide what’s important to her, and make sure she makes any decisions based on that. Jo has been, and will always be, a voice of reason for Elena, and whatever choices she makes, Jo will support them. I think Jo really does adore Elena, and she just wants to be a support system for her.

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  1. @Ruthie
    So how do you Thnk they will end the story of the great Elena Gilbert? I hate to say it but I Thnk she’s definitely gotta die in order for it to be real cuz Elena wouldn’t just move away right…so maybe she takes the cure?

  2. dam, I m really sorry if a crossed the line for all of what I said about Nina Dobrev and I was out of hand to think rude because I read that Nina is no longer to stay in the show I apologise for my rudeness so I m sorry I really do and thank you for that info of Nina Dovrev I appreciated for this info and I am sorry again I really do apologise

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