Daniel Gillies Previews His Return to The Vampire Diaries Via TV Fanatic


The last time we saw (present day) Elijah, he and Rebekah were mourning what they thought was the death of their sibling, Klaus in the season 3 finale, “The Departed”. Thanks to TV Fanatic we have more from Daniel Gillies about his return to The Vampire Diaries in tomorrow night’s Episode 4.18 “American Gothic”. He talks about Klaus and has some lovely things to say about his co-star, Joseph Morgan.

Where has this Original been since fans saw him last?

“I think he’s been waterskiing,” Gillies laughed. “He must enjoy base-jumping, right? In a full suit, of course… wouldn’t you imagine, if you were a vampire, that extreme sports would be amazing?”

In all seriousness, however, Gillies could not reveal what Elijah has been up to, but he could tease that the “contention for the cure” brings him back into our lives. As does concern for his brother.

“Elijah understands more than anyone when Klaus’ temper is becoming a real storm,” Gillies said, gushing over Joseph Morgan and adding that he loves his co-star a lot: “He’s one of the few actors I can honestly say that about. He’s such a sweet guy and he’s enormously committed to that role and that show.”

Read more from Daniel Gillies over at TV Fanatic.


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