Daniel Gillies Interview With Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Daniel Gillies (make sure you are following him on Twitter, @MrHolyMonster) for an exclusive interview. Here Daniel takes us inside his character, Elijah, and shares his pick for his nemesis, Klaus. Thanks to @Shirarose1 for the heads up!

“I’ve seen burly giants, guys who look like they’ve been in prison, and they’ll start acting with you, and there’s nothing. You’re like, this guy’s a pussy cat. He’s faking it, or he’s pushing the power that he has. Guys that are truly strong, they don’t push. They just know they are. Whoever they choose, I just hope that they really feel like the devil just walked in. Have you seen Sexy Beast? Ben Kingsley is basically the first half of the movie. He’s so demonic and so scary, and you’re thinking, ohmygod, nothing could ever be this terrifying. But Ben Kingsley is basically like the Elijah, and they keep talking about the Klaus. I remember watching the movie the first time thinking, Alright, who the f— are they gonna bring in that’s gonna be scarier than Ben Kingsley? And then in walks Ian McShane. And I’m like, Alright. [Laughs] Touche. Bravo…  Scratch everybody. Ian McShane for Klaus. That would be awesome. He would be the most terrifying vampire of all time.”

Read the rest of the interview over at Entertainment Weekly.


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