Chris Wood Teen Vogue Photoshoot and Interview


Check out Teen Vogue’s photo shoot and interview with the latest TVD bad guy, Chris Wood (Kai).

With Kai being kind of a crazy person and all, it turns out fans of the show who meet Chris in real life are surprised by the down-to-earth sweetheart they find. “I was in Florida at this convention and the thing I heard most often was ‘You’re not at all what I was expecting you to be like.’ I’m always thinking, ‘Well I hope not. I hope you didn’t think I was going to be a nut-job,'” Chris says. “He just ticks in a totally different way than I do. The material is very dark, but I really get to play the whole package: A comical character who’s also intensely villainous and terrifying. It’s a blast.”

When he gets a break from filming, the entire cast has a handful of things they like to do off set in Atlanta, Georgia. And knowing this guy, of course they’re a little artsy. “They have this thing called the BeltLine in Atlanta. It’s a bike path that goes around the entire city,” Chris says. “It’s very scenic—they have all these cool local art projects along the side of the path: big scultpures, windmills, and pendulums that move. So we bike that some weekends when it’s nice. There are also always great concerts, food, and music. We also love game nights—we play a lot of charades. And Cards Against Humanity.”

Read the rest of the interview and view the rest of the photo shoot over at Teen Vogue

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