Chris Wood Teases TVD Season 6 Finale with SheKnows

Woke Up With a Monster

SheKnows caught up with Christopher Wood to talk all things TVD. Check out what Chris says about the finale, Nina Dobrev’s exit and whether Kai could be redeemed in Bonnie’s eyes.

“The finale, honestly, is so good,” Wood assured us. “The finale is so good. Those scenes were really, really exciting. It’s a big episode. The tension of the whole season leads us to those moments. We get a Bonnie and Kai standoff, which has sort of been coming the whole season, where they’re going to really duke it out and it’s huge and it’s epic and it’s fantastic. Getting to shoot that was great.”

As for whether Kai could ever be redeemed, especially in Bonnie’s eyes, Wood seemed to think there was some hope, “He’s not necessarily beyond repair but I think it’s going to take a miracle to get Kai back from this hyper-villainous state.”

But we’ve seen bigger miracles happen on the show. If Damon could turn good, why not Kai? And Wood thinks Bonnie might be the witch up for the challenge if any of the girls on the show were to catch Kai’s heart.

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  1. So it coud be a very shocking show and a impáct episode if kai fight with the amasing bonnie the most powerful and placent marvelous witch i like that very much

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