Charlie Bewley Talks TVD Experience with Alloy Entertainment

charlie-bewley-11Alloy Entertainment caught up with Charlie Bewley where he teases a little bit about new vampire hunter Vaughn (who we briefly got a glimpse of in last week’s episode).

Alloy Entertainment: What was it like filming scenes with Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, and the cast? Were there any entertaining behind-the-scenes moments on set? 
Charlie Bewley: Ian is the glue that binds us all. He runs the show. It’s quite the spectacle. I love the guy — he has lots of great energy and is a real people person. TV is a new medium for me… these guys have been going at it for years. I feel privileged to have come in and injected my own brand of energy to Mystic Falls.
Alloy Entertainment: You portrayed a vampire in the Twilight saga. And now you’re a slayer. Moment of truth: Which do you have more fun playing and why?
Charlie Bewley: I am all about supernaturalism. My focus on a daily basis is to push evolution to its limits and there is nothing I believe is not possible. So naturally, to play a vampire with the abilities of Demetri was very special. Vaughn is like Bear Grylls on a vengeance mission – and everyone loves Bear. But Bear can’t fly. And Demetri can.



Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever


  1. He either slipped on a majors plot point or didn’t pay attention when he watched the show. He said Elena went from one brother to the next and back again. From what I’ve seen, she went from Stefan to Damon and that’s it. So far there has been no back to Stefan’s bed.

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing. Obviously he hasn’t watched the show so closely, otherwise he would know that she ended up in d’s bed only after after having feelings for him for a long time. And both s and d love and are respectful to her. And I love Ian’s character, but to say he “runs the show”, isn’t that a little disrespectful to the other actors?

  3. Wow He contradicted himself with that statement lol. The Salvatore brothers are not tossing Elena around, they both just happen to love the same girl. Elena Is not hopping from bed to bed, she’s with Damon at the moment and she’s just friends with Stefan right now. “My outlook on relationships is not one you want to hear” He should’ve just stopped right here LOL.

    @Deb he may not run the show but he does have the biggest TVD fan base.

  4. Aww guys, he’s just joking around, that’s how he is. I wouldn’t take his opinions on the love triangle so personal. :) As far as what he said about Ian, I don’t think he means he “runs the show” as in, he runs TVD “the show”, but Ian probably is a leader on set during filming their scenes, etc. Not that he runs TVD. Does that make sense?

  5. They are so not tossing Elena back and forth. Maybe he.didn’t mean it that way but he said it so maybe he should becareful how he words his sentences…

  6. i m with Ruthie all the way coz the principal,s on the Vampire,s diaries show are Elena Demon and Stepon including Bonnie,s best friend Jeremy her brither Math Tyler and Caroline theyre the Principal,s on the whole apsolute show so nock it off speaching clearly so is totaly impossible to them to die of course

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