Caroline Dries Talks Vampire Diaries Season 5 and The Originals with FearNet


Check out this exclusive interview with The Vampire Diaries Writer and Producer, Caroline Dries from FearNet. She touches on what we can expect for the rest of the season, previews Season 5 and tomorrow’s backdoor pilot, “The Originals”.

The Vampire Diaries has already been picked up for a fifth season. Have you guys started breaking scripts yet? Do you know what will happen after the kids graduate?

Yeah. Even though we are done with season four story-wise, we do this thing called “Vampire DiariesBoot Camp.” We gather in the writer’s room, and now that we don’t have to deal with production phone calls and writing scripts, we just have full days of brainstorming the big ideas of the next season. That is what we are in the process of doing right now. We are thinking of the big stuff: Elena is going to go to college, which will be huge, but we want to keep it grounded in Mystic Falls as well. Obviously Damon isn’t going to go to college; but Caroline and Bonnie and Elena are roommates…. We want to keep the stories intertwined, and not just have separate college storylines.

Read the rest of the interview over at FearNet.


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  1. sound great..and very speccial spoilers but without pain and sufers the ppl who is in College from part of Elena dark part please

  2. And no mention of Stefan or Matt, that says something about the next 3 final episodes of season 4….

  3. I’ve heard that season 5 is going to be about the 3th dubbelganger, the one before Katherina and elena. And honestly I think that bonnie is going to live again and we will see her to in the next season x

  4. we need a male gay couple in season 5….. like come on …… get real …..

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