Annie Wersching Talks Tonight’s TVD with TV Guide


TV Guide recently caught up with Annie Wersching to talk about tonight’s episode. See what Annie teased will go down on the show tonight.

How does Stefan go about trying to convince Lily to kill this man she loves so much?
His first idea is just to talk to his mom and remind her that she hasn’t had the best past and has been easily manipulated by men, according to her sons. We’ll see some flashbacks in this episode where we get to see Giuseppe and young Damon and young Stefan, which I know will make the fans so happy because they always want to see the young boys. But you do get to see the abusive side of Giuseppe, and in those flashbacks, you see Giuseppe is cruel to Damon. In her children’s minds, she did nothing to help protect them. That’s a big part of the issues between them. But we are going to see a more caring side of Lily and see more of her humanity and learn things in her past are a little more complicated than her sons could know at that time.


It does seems as though Lily has softened a lot over the past few episodes. What do you see being the reason for this change in her?
I think specifically at the end of last season she felt so out of sorts without her Heretic family with her. It was just consuming her, this thought of having to get them back, because being with them was really all she knew at that time and that’s what made her feel whole and in control… I think she absolutely has the motherly instincts and love for Damon and Stefan. It just took her a little while to show it.


Read more from the interview over at TV Guide.

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