Annie Wersching Talks Lily Salvatore with Digital Spy


Digital Spy caught up with Annie Wersching. Check out what she has to say about how Lily is adapting to the modern world and how Lily handles Damon misleading her.

Damon has now freed Lily – how is she going to adapt to the modern world?
“As you saw a little bit in the last episode, there are things in the present day that are alarming to her and strange – like computers and all that. She tries her best at first, to be the good mother that they’re looking for and longing for…

“But she does have this issue that her family – her desecrated vampire friends, her traveling companions – have been left behind. That is a very big issue for her – it’s her driving force, to get her people back.”

Damon misled her about that, which is sure to cause problems…
“Yeah. Obviously it’s an issue – she keeps saying, ‘Hey! When are we going to go and get my friends?’ and he keeps saying ‘Oh we’re going to go…’ but when? She’s a little onto his tricks and lies and I wouldn’t say that goes over very well.”

Her other son Stefan was once a ripper like her – how does that affect their relationship?
“Damon has brought her back in order to help Stefan out of his ripper phase and so in the next episode that airs on April 16, Damon is trying to get her to help with that and she doesn’t know if she’s able.

“It’s interesting – she and Stefan connect in the sense that they both have this awful thing in common, that they both have to live with – as far as it’s just how they’re made. So I think when either of them is off the deep end, the other will understand it and try to help get that person back.”

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  1. Oh or maybe Lilly rips her heart out once she finds out Damon was playing her the whole time about bringing back who she considers to be her family and says she wants him to feel the pain he’s embarking on her by denying her a way to retrieve her people so she jams her fist in Elena’s chest and tears out the heart of the twice dead dopplëgängër?;) just another one of my crazy theorys.;);)

  2. Well she was married to his father Damon can’t possibly Thnk he can get one over on her by playing like he’s gonna do it!? He has to atleast make it look as if their pursuing a way!) Like secretly meet w/ Bonnie or something bit like said about Sara she is a Salvator which means Damon got half of his spunk and spontaneity from her so she’s gonna be a tough one to fool guys!) Also I just wanna state that if the writers do not bring Caroline & Stefan back from the edge before Elena’s exit I will never forgive them!

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