Vampire Diaries: Bloodlines Revealed Interactive Game

This has been up a while, but I’m just now getting around to posting. Check out this really cool interactive game over at the CW website. You get to help Jeremy solve a mystery, that will uncover a new threat in Mystic Falls! Part One is available now, and when played more than once it reveals 2 new clips from the upcoming episode “The Sacrifice”. There are 4 parts in total, and from the looks of it, it seems like Bonnie will be getting involved as well. All I know, is you better do what Jeremy says, or he gets a little impatient with you…lol

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  1. It only shows one clip and its not new? It looks like the same one with Elena in bed thats been available for weeks?

  2. oh that elena clip was the other? i thought there would be one more. but christie there’s one with Caroline and Tyler

  3. oh, ok… yeah i’ve seen that one before as well… shame, I thought they might be new ones :(

  4. @ Christie,, Really where have you seen those clips? I haven’t ever seen them before this game:(

  5. Where can you find the clip of Elena in bed? I can only see the one with Caroline and Tyler? When I try to watch a video on the CW site, it always shows ‘this content is not available in your location’ … Kinda sucks :D (FYI, I’m from Belgium)

  6. I tried to play the game, but i had to register at the CW website, so i did, but I can’t log in :( so I haven’t seen any of the clips… do anyone know why I can’t log in? or if i can find the game or the clips somewhere else..?

  7. if u log on to ur facebook acount it should let u on. it does for me im in englend but it might not work elsewhere. worth a shot :)

  8. its weird , when im trying to login on my facebook it tell me ” An error occurred with Vampire Diaries – Bloodlines Revealed. Please try again later. ” .. wtf ?

  9. hey i cant find the game cause i live in south africa someone please tell me where to get the game you people talk about…….

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