Win The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack Autographed By Ian Somerhalder

Giveaway is now closed. Winner will be announced in separate post.

Again, thanks to Jamie at Total Assault for letting us sponsor yet another giveaway for The Vampire Diaries Original Television Soundtrack, this time it will be EXTRA special. The CD is autographed by Ian Somerhalder! Pretty exciting huh? Hopefully, we will have a photo of the actual CD by Friday, so stay tuned for that! And you can thank the label for agreeing to open up the giveaway to international fans! Info about the soundtrack and official rules follow!

Get Obsessed With The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack

Original Television Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries is NOW AVAILABLE. You can order on iTunes here. “Obsession,” the first international single from up-and-coming pop artist Sky Ferreria, is the lead track off the the soundtrack which features a mix of exclusive tracks unavailable elsewhere—including songs by Smashing Pumpkins and Gorillaz—plus favorites from season one of the hit TV show, including “Sleep Alone” by Bat for Lashes and “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo.

Visit the official website for the soundtrack today! And check out Sky Ferreria’s official video below. (This isn’t TVD related, but very cute, and we all can relate a little ;) )

Official Rules for Giveaway:

  • Giveaway open Worldwide
  • To enter, leave comment on this blog post (please use valid email, this is how you will be contacted)
  • One entry/comment per person
  • Giveaway will close Thursday, October 28th, 2010; 11:59PM CST
  • Winner will be chosen via Random.org and announced shortly after closing.

That’s it! Good luck to everyone! So excited for you guys!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays, 8/7c on The CW. For exclusive videos, photos and extra content, check out CWTV.com.


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. WOW! Finally an international giveaway! I love the show and the soundtrack too! :D

    Wishing this autographed copy comes to Spain!

  2. Thanks so much for having another fabulous contest! I would love to win this! :)

  3. TVD Soundtrack = amazing
    Ian Somerhalder’s autograph = freaking epic
    Soundtrack autographed by Ian = asdfghjkl#;asgdakdgaödg


  4. I absolutely LOVE the Vampire Diaries!! I am tuned in every Thursday night, re-run, or new episode!! I have a very busy life style, juggling between commuting to work, and college, and the Vampire Diaries helps me unwind and relax. I used to be a huge Twilight fan, but once I saw the Vampire Diaries, I was hooked. And now, i would most definitely choose Vampire Diaries over any other television series any day!! I really hope I win this contest!! :D

  5. :):):)
    A Worldwide contest :)
    But the chances are gonna be small .. .
    Yay TVD !

  6. I’m not completely sure what the comment is supposed to include, so here goes : I am addicted to The Vampire Diaries and if I had a copy of the soundtrack signed by IAN SOMERHALDER .. it would be my most prized possession. If I had to have a signature of ANY celebrity, it would be Ian Somerhalder .. he’s not only a amazing actor, he’s an awesome person for how much he cares about what’s happening to the world.

  7. WOW! great chance for us! thanks! you are freaking awesome!
    It’s a good chance to have a piece of this beautiful and amazing tv show!!! TVD is love, passion, family, fantasy and awesome!!!
    I love Ian since 2003 and i started to watch this show ’cause of him but now i’m happy ’cause TVD is a big family, fans, cast, crew everybody!!!
    we rocks!!!! we all rocks! :P

  8. Whoever wins this is extremely lucky – I hope I’m lucky enough!

  9. I LOVE this show and would love the soundtrack! Crossing the fingers!

  10. Thank you for sponsoring another great giveaway =) , *fingers crossed* hope I win :)

  11. wow…it is finally worldwide…this means i can enter :D Yay!

  12. OMG!!!! I almost lostmy breath when i saw this give away!!!! i would soooo cherish this!!!! Thank you so much forthis opportunity!

  13. This is a great contest, I would be beyond thrill to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. this giveaway is amazing…would love to win…the soundtrack is awesome and ian is such a great actor!

  15. I’m from Austria and they are now showing the 1st season on german TV….I love it!!!! <3….and can't wait for season 2…and for the soundtrack ;)

  16. This is one of the most awesome gifts ever!! And it is so cool that it’s worldwide!! Thank you!!

  17. Awesome! Finaly a contest worldwide. I love the Vampire Diaries. I can`t wait until Thursday. Last week was so borring without it. So I would love to win :)

  18. ok everybody, i NEED this CD because with the signature, i can make a personality analysis of Ian using his handwriting =)

  19. Thank you so much for making this a worldwide giveaway!
    Like all the others I guess, I love TVD and it’s amazing that this show has created such a big fanbase or rather a big family, because that’s what we are, isn’t it? :)
    I love this show, including everything it contains – the phenomenal actors, the thrilling (and sometimes very shocking) storyline and of course the music :P

  20. I would love to win this soundtrack! I’ve been a huge fan of the show since the beginning and I believe that the music really sets the tone of the show, which sets TVD apart from any other show out there. Ian and Paul make two amazingly HOT vampires!! Also, the music is from known and not-so-well known artists, which I love because of the exposure to different sounds and genres of music. Lastly, the music from TVD has been amazingly therapeutic as I’ve been dealing with some of my own demons and drama.

  21. Absolutely adore The Vampire Diaries and would love to win the soundtrack. I can listen to the music and imagine gorgeous Ian Somerhalder in the flesh!! Here’s hoping!! x

  22. I’m from Germany and on Friday the first half of the first season will be released on DVD. Then I can hear the original voices. I’

  23. Great giveaway, would love to win it, good luck to everone, Epic!

  24. I bough a copy already, but gave it away to a friend’s daughter. I’d LOVE to get the one signed by Ian!! Sign me up for the drawing. Yeah!

  25. OMD! I would love to win this! And for once its worldwide meaning us Canadians can finally enter! Oh I hope i win!

  26. Im from Ireland and i would love to win this soundtrack. I love The Vampire Diaries, its a great show and the music in it always fits perfectly with the scenes. Id like to win this soundtrack so i can listen to these great songs in full and to have it signed by Ian would be a huge bonus : )

  27. i would LOVE to win an awesome soundtrack!!! and its even better cuz its DAMON who signed it lol =D

  28. I want to win this sooooo bad! I love the vampire diaries so much and the music is soooo amazing :)

  29. OMG this would be such a great gift to win!!!

    i hope i do yay team stefan and damon and elena =D

  30. i would love to win this cd cuz i LOVE the show and the music is great and its signed by one of the hottest actors of all time =D

  31. Finally a worldwide giveaway! I’m french and i’m a huge fan!!! Actually, i’m obsessed with the show. TVD has the best soundtrack on tv. The show wouldn’t be the same without the music.
    I hope i’ll win : )

  32. i lovee all the songs on the soundtrack! i would love to win :D

  33. Wow, another chance to win something because it’s worldwide. That’s so cool. Thank u so much. :D

  34. Chances are slim, but it would be amazing to win! I never win anything.haha:)

  35. :) I love Ian Somerhalder! With my luck, winning is slim :(

  36. Please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please, please, please, please, please, please PICK ME!!!!! TVD ROCKS!!!!!

  37. The songs on this soundtrack are really cool. I really could hear them day and night. xD

    I ♥ TVD

  38. This is awesome!! And I can’t believe is worldwide :D I would love to win, that would be great :)

  39. Im obsessed with him and the show, if i win that would make my day

  40. an amazing show, and Ian is an amazing actor! i made a facebook fan page for him called “Damon-isms” and its all about the crazy fun quotes, and a place where fans can talk about damon and post there fav. thing that damon did in the last episode and what they hope he does next.

    its alot of fun!
    i wish everyone the best of luck on this contest!!! this is so much fun! lol ^_^

  41. It would made my year if I win this! Not only is the music from TVD awesome, but a CD signed by Ian? That’d be so amazing :)

  42. Oh yes, I want it!! ;) Hope i’ll get lucky this time!!! Best of luck to everyone!!! ;)

  43. OMG I want this CD! Good Luck to me and everyone else. Can’t wait for Thursday…I love Thursday lol.

  44. I love TVD and the cast! Ian, Paul and Nina and the rest are so humble and amazing! We fans are so lucky to have amazing actors to look up to!

  45. This is an AWESOME CONTEST!!!!!! I hope I win!!! I LOVE IAN!!!

  46. This is an amazing idea. I love the soundtrack of the Vampire Diaries and it is definitely not in Australia yet so I would be so grateful to win.

  47. I love TVD XD The music is so killer that I end up watching the episodes over again just to hear it lol

  48. Awesome!! I love the site..thanks for a second chance!! I’d love to win!!

  49. I would really love to win and I appericate that your holding this contest!Your are awesome

  50. Great 2 see a comp open 2 everyone instead o just the states. Lots of great music on this album, would be awesome having it signed by Ian Somerhalder 2 :0)

  51. I absolutely love the music on Vampire Diaries… every episode has amazing songs! And I LOVE Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore… I mean who doesn’t.

    Please Please Please… I really want the soundtrack :)

  52. OMG i would love to win this
    thank you for making it a worldwide comp!!!

  53. Hello we just wanted to say we love TVD and we have had a rough go of it this week and its one of the few things that is going good and is easy to follow !! love you guys keep up the good work! Kathi

  54. THANKS FOR GIVING THE CD TVD SOUNDTRACK WORLDWIDE!!! I love TVD as many of us:D And well, I hope I win it:) Love vampirediariesonline!!! You girls are awesome, kisses from Argentina!

  55. I love TVD, all of the cast are awesome! Watching each one grow into their characters has truly been exciting.

  56. I wanna win!!! This Site ROCKS!! I <3 TVD and Ian Somerhalder!!!

  57. I’m so glad this is worldwide!!! And a cd signed by Ian …….. OMG!! Awesome!
    I love TVD !!!

  58. omg i hope i win.
    i love Ian Somerhalder, he’s my favourite actor and activiste.
    i would give almost anything to met him or get his autograph<3

  59. I love the music featured in TVD so it’d be great to win the soundtrack and autographed by Ian = awesome!!

  60. Wow alot of people entered.. the chances of winning are not looking good!
    But Ah i absolutly LOVE this show!! I live In New Zealand so we are way far behind that america. But luckily i watch the episodes on the net ;) So im up to date!!
    Fucking love this show. its my drug i swear.
    The boys on the show are all like gods, wow. so goodlooking!!

  61. Awesome this competition is open worldwide, would love the soundtrack :)

  62. Winning the Vampire Diaries soundtrack signed by the one and only IAN SOMERHALDER would be a dream come true ! <333

  63. I really really reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllly want this! I’m in LOVE with Ian Somerhalder.
    A free TVD soundtrack and an autograph? Best. Contest. Ever.

  64. obsession is the perfect song for TVD!!!!!!
    i love this site, so much cool stufff.

  65. HI! I love Ian, and i really really really want the soundtrack. It would be amazing, because this could be my birthday present(:

  66. Just winning the soundtrack would be awesome, but now its signed by IANNNN?!?! I have to win this!!! Please? :3

  67. I know I don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning but worth a shot anyway…prob as close as one of us Canadian fans will ever get to Ian

  68. omg finally! a giveaway for international fans too :) omgggggg. ian somerhalder autograph on it? that is so bad ass! damn i hope i win.

    P.S. love from everyone in HK that are fans of TVD.

  69. Joining the ranks of the hopeful for this CD. Thanks for offering this awesome contest!!

  70. It would be so awesome to win this. I love the music of Vampire Diaries!

  71. Please make my dream come true! I loved this opportunity! Thank you for offering it!

  72. * crosses Fingers and hopes for the best * would be really great to win this :)

  73. This is soo cool! Finally TVDs International Fans can win a something! n dat too the amazing soutnrack of TVD n also signed by Hottie Ian!
    Not sure how many Thailand Fans here! But i just loveeee TVD! At first didnt know abt it until someone suggested me to watch the show n once i started.. i cudnt stop watching n finished the whole 1st season in 3 days!
    Anyways hope to win the Signed CD Soundtrack! ;-)

  74. omg i hope i win!!!!!!! i luv the vampire diaries and have been obsessed with it 4 EVA! and i love there music too, some of my all time favorite songs are songs i got from the show. so the soundtrack with music tht i luv AND signed by ian, who plays my fav character. he’s soooo hott!!!!!!! and a really good actor!!!!!!!! anyways, i really do hope i win because i am IN LOVE with the vampire diaries and its music, and ian, ahhhhhhh! :) (please, please, please, please!!!!!!!! :)

  75. So glad that this is open worldwide. Let Canada have a chance to win. P.S. Love the show.

  76. Wow, this is awesome, hope I win the contest. Love Vampire Diaries.

  77. Hi. I’m huge Australian vampire diaries fan. I especially love the actors doing their best to make this world a better place I admire alot. It would the best thing ever if i won, Also I wanted to say Ian somerhalder thanks for caring so much. I’m glad that you and your fellow friends care so much you don’t really get people who care as you do. Keep up the great work.

  78. I love all the songs on the soundtrack. Great artists and great music.

  79. Id love to win and have this autographed soundtrack but if I dont ,I kinda hope one of the international fans wins, i’m glad to see fans from around the world included in a giveaway. The Vampire Diarys is The Best show EVER !!!!!!!!

  80. I ADORE Ian Somerhalder! I think I would die of shock if I actually won this…


  82. Love the Vampire Diaries! Thanks for a worldwide play! Maby we have a
    chance here in sLOVEnia! Love to all of you! :)

  83. Oh this is really great a worldwide give away! I’m from the Netherlands and I love the vampire diaries!!

  84. wow great prize, both me and my daughter love tvd its the highlight of the week :D

  85. I already own the cd (and love it BTW) but to have a signed one would be awesome! If I win, I’ll sign mine and send it to Ian, lol!

  86. omg!!! cant wait for this soundtrack to come out. totaly obsessed with ian :)

  87. Not putting much hope into this since it’s a random draw, but it would sure be awesome to win especially for Ian’s autograph. I mean one can buy the soundtrack if needed, but the autograph is priceless.

  88. ahhh. i love tvd. it’s the only exciting part of the week.
    i hope i win!!!

  89. I would be soooo grateful if I was lucky to win this prize!! It would be so amazing!! <3

  90. I am very glad that this contest is also for international fans. I hope I will win someday…

    I am desperate to get my hands on this soundtrack. And anything handled by Ian Somerhalder, really.
    Thanks for making this international :)

  92. Hey,guys,a girl from london wants to put her paws on the lovely soundtrack,too.i’d rather put my paws on Ian though,but I guess one can’t have everything,right? ;)

  93. it will be so cool to have a cd autographed by ian!!! he is the best person to play Damon!!!! hope i win!

  94. Wow an autograph by Ian Somerhalder!!!!!! cool… I would love to win this soundtrack…. pls fairy godmother…pls let me win the contest!!!! LOL love Ian Somerhalder ;)

  95. Ian is not only the HOTTEST vampire ever but he is an excellent advocate for all the right things that are so wrong with our world! You are the greatest, Ian!!

  96. OMG I totally want to win this autographed CD. Ian’s character is one of my favorites off of Vampire Diaries. i love all the music that appears on the CD and the show. i have never missed an episode. i would be so honored to win this autographed CD.

  97. Hi guy’s my friend and I are huge VPD Fans, however the rest of our office have yet to discover the awsomeness that it is and I feel very guilty having been on maternity leave for the past two months leaving her all alone, with no one to talk VPD over with. Winning this would appease my guilt as she is a major Damon fan. Thanks for all the great info xxx

  98. I never win anything but I’m gonna try anyways. TVD has the greatest music. I always find new fave songs thanks to it :D
    And obviously I love Ian Somerhalder. Who doesn’t? His acting skills totally rock my socks. I wanna be an actor, so watching him as Damon is major inspiration. Enough said :)
    Loving TVD so much!! And greetings from Finland!!

  99. Well, finally a contest I can enter !! haha
    Good luck from everyone!
    Bisous de Paris
    Marie xx

  100. Oh Please! I love Ian! I Love This Soundtrack! Please Pick Me!

  101. I never won anything, but I’ll never stop trying ;D
    I love TVD so much! It’s the best show ever! And now it’s worldwide, I’m really so excited!
    All in all, I wanna have it! :D

  102. Oh My Heck!!!! This is soooo freaking awesome!!! I really wish i can win! not only I’m huge
    fan of The Vampire Diaries, I’m also a huge fan of Ian :D

  103. Ahh, I was looking forward to a contest open to international fans! So glad there’s finally one. Thank you! :)

  104. Thank you for opening this to international fans! Hope I win. *cross fingers*

  105. “Beauty of the Dark” is epic! And so is Ian Somerhalder.

  106. Luck help me…I wanna win like everybody but for me will be cooler ’cause I’m on Brazillll….far far away and I love so much TVD and even more Ian…best actor ever!

    Sorry for the horrible English..I tried LOL

  107. finally worldwide yay :)
    loved TVD books, love the series and the music the cast is great!
    I think they are all doing a really awesome job portaying the characters :)
    and of course the evil characters are always the best and deepest so yay for Ian playing Damon.

  108. Finally a contest I can enter! Thanks so much guys! Please pick me!

  109. Finally!!! Something open to us canadians!!!!! I have commented every single episode that TVD soundtrack is absolutely incredible!!! The best show, the best actors and the best music!!!! Such an amazing show…blows “twilight” out of the water!!! And Ian Somerhalder??? OMG the BEST vampire ever!!! Thank you so much for this amazing contest!!

  110. me me me me i want it it would be so freaking amazing to have the soundyrack signed by the gorgeous Ian!!!

  111. AHHH I need it, for Paramore, Hurts, … and the CD signed by Ian …
    Please, random.org pick me, thanks !

  112. Awesome !! An international contest ! So I’m a French fan, I follow the show every week and I just love it. The plot is really intriguing and well built, and of course, I have a huge preference for Damon. I am a fan of Ian since he played in Smallville for some episodes 5 or 6 years ago. Handsome !! :) Wish to win this !!

  113. Hello there I am Menesha. Hopefully i will win. I highly doubt it but I got to make my own luck right? Im a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries. :)

  114. Hi!!! At last a contest for everybody!!! ♥ Coz here in Belgium NOTHING!!! lol

    so I join the contest :D

    fingers crossed!!!! ♥

  115. I would LOVE to win the soundtrack, and the fact that it is signed by Ian is just icing on the cake :)

  116. Ohmygosh.. An international giveaway. For The Vampire Diaries. Whoa. Ohmygosh. And it’s signed by Ian. And there’s Sky Ferreira and there’s Placebo. Ohmygosh. It’s a one in a million chance. Ohmygosh, how awesome is this!

  117. omg!!!! i wantttt it soooo sooo sooo frikinn badd!! i love vampire diaries’ songs and i’m completely in love with DAMON SALVATORE. bless me God :(

  118. It would be soooo awesome to finally win something, especially a TVD Soundtrack! Love the show! God bless it’s creators!

  119. I’m entering! Would love to win this… the soundtrack is truly amazing.

  120. Umm Pick me?? I really want this(((: Lol
    I <3 Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder!!!

  121. OMG!!! i would love to won this as the cast don’t come to england so i can get my vampire diaries things signed :( it is my life and i have to watch the episodes online to keep up with what is hapening in america :) I LOVE IAN HE IS AMAZING AND VD IS MY LIFE :D XXX

  122. Not many sites has international giveaways, just sayin’. This rules, thank you! Norwegian fans love TVD! :)
    (Miss Mystic Falls is airing here tonight, and I’m watching it for the fourth or fifth time <3)

  123. I heart TVD.I’m from Germany and watch this amazing show each friday if it has aired the day before and on wednesdays ofc but seriously the german voices are very bad :(

  124. love love love the vampire diaries books and the tv show damon is defintly my favourite charecter theres something about those bad boys lol ;)

  125. I love, love, LOVE Ian Somerhalder, especially as Damon. :) He is such an incredibly adorable person, both on the inside and outside. :D The soundtrack is really good too. :) Fingers crossed I win…I’m in the UK, by the way.

  126. Love Vampire Diaries themed music + Ian Somerhalder! they’re absolutely amazing. Two such big inspirations in my life right now. thank you! xox

  127. omg its worldwide !!! thank you soo much :D
    i love TVD and the music and ian somerhalder he is amazing and sexy :D

  128. thanks so much for the contest,specially coz is wordlwide!!
    I love TDV music!! and of course I love Ian Somerhalder!!!
    thanks Ruthie!!

  129. I already have the CD. I pre-ordered from Amazon and they sent it as soon as it was released. It is terrific! But, I’d love to win a copy signed by Ian. (Sigh!) I can always share the good sounds and regift the one I already have.

  130. THere are a lot of cool songs from VD!! And Ian Somerhalds autograph just tops it off!!!!!! Hope I Win!

  131. I really love the music on the show :) It would be cool to win!!!!!

  132. It’s so cool this is open worldwide! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  133. The Vampire Diaries has the best music! Amazing site, Keep up the good work.

  134. OMG thnk God finally a contest worldwide meaning i can JOIN YEAH! im so happy i wish i can win it that’ll be awesomeeeee!!! i really really hope i can win (fingers crossed!) =)

  135. I love the Vampire Diaries and would love to have this soundtrack! I really hope I win. Btw tonights episode was the best so far this season!!

  136. I visit this website every day and wanted to extend my thanks for constantly keeping it updated. Tonight’s episode was AMAZING! And I thought it would be cool to win this contest. :)

  137. Music AND Ian Sommerhalder!! This is something I really need. I am a hardworking mother of three and I really need a treat!

  138. OMG an international giveaway!! This is so exciting! I love the soundtrack and I love Ian Somerhalder, so this prize is a dream come true!

  139. You guys are awesome! Thanks for this opportunity!! *Crossing fingers*

  140. oooh soo cool it’s worlwide! Thanks for the opportunity! I want iit!

  141. Awesome of you guys to have a contest for us international fans. Thanks for the opportunity!

  142. I’m totally obsessed with Ian Somerhalder and I absoulutely love The Vampire Dairies. This would be incredible if I win <3

  143. I would be the luckiest girl in the world if I win. I love you Ian! :)

  144. I would be the luckiest girl in the world if I win. I love you Nina!

  145. by the phrase “hello brother” I lost my head for Damon Salvatore … I fall in love more and more each episode, and then in the scene where he dances with Vicky damon dance … I was totally crazy!
    I love damon salvatore !!!!!

  146. I love TVD music and i love Ian even more!!!It would be great to win!!!

  147. omg Vampire diaries is my life .. i would die for it .. seriously :) and i would love to win a signed cd because it costs to much money to ship merchandise from america to england hope i win :) :) did i say that i love love love it! :)

  148. from Italy, I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries!!!!!! it’s amazing and super!!! I absolutely want to win!

  149. The music for us who love this series, is a reminder that it can be compared to the lust for blood for the vampires …. us into the story giving us a whirlwind of emotions … so that we can not do without .. ..

  150. just hoping to be lucky, but actually usually I’m not. But “tentar non nuoce” as we say in Italy (trying doesn’t hurt) =D
    TVD is really an amazing serie, I love Damon and I think he’s Ian Somerhalder’s best character… Hope the story will go better for Damon =D

  151. this would make my year great to win this!! love vampire diaries and vampire diaries online!!

  152. I’m an Italian fan, I love TVD it’s my favorite show and I follow it every Friday.
    I hope I win the soundtrack autographed by Ian Somerhalder!!!!

  153. I am a German Fan! I always watch TVD on amazon! (By the way, I LOVED “Plan B”!!!!)…
    And I love the music of TVD! So that´d be so great, if I won!
    I join the contest! :D

  154. I loveeee the vampire diaries and it would be AMAZING if I won this!

  155. Loving the Vampire Diaries! It’s my can’t miss show of the week! Nina is doing a fantastic job playing Katherine/Elena. Almost every episode this season has left my shocked or gasping out loud. Keep ’em coming!

    can’t wait for next week’s episodeeee!!!

    I relli hope I winnnn

  157. GREAT!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!! Thanks! This is really an appreciated idea!
    Kiss from Italy and….. hurray TVD!!!

  158. finally a contest that has a little hope to Italian girls …
    I know that the choice will be purely coincidental, but damn if this show is beautiful! The actors are phenomenal (boys too sexy) and I appreciate the deviation from the books because in the long run I did’t like!

    However the best is Ian / Damon! I love him!

  159. I cant explain how much I absolutly love the vampire diaries it’s my favorite show and Ian and pual are the hottest guys ever boy do I wish I couldeet them! I would be honored to win the giveaway would be the best birthday gift ever! If only they came to vancouver washington

  160. i love every song they play on the show and can’t wait to get this soundtrack! thanks!!

  161. loving your contests <3 i'm not sure i will be lucky this time…

  162. Hello lovely people, good morning! or afternoon…haha wherever you may be in the world…
    anyways it would be a riot to win this lovely prize. :)
    i adore damon omg. <3
    hopefully…Fingers are totally crossed :)
    peace out !

  163. I love TVD! I’m gettin adicted! I wait every week to see it!
    The soundtrack is amazing! all the songs are the best in those moments! I got a lot of them in my Ipod :)
    I want to win this!

  164. Please let me win I love Ian would be a dream to receive his autograph
    Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  165. I still can’t find the soundtrack anywhere around where I live and am DYING to have it!!!! oh, and autographed by Ian Somerhalder??????????? *swoon* I’m dying over here!!! <3 Kim

  166. ahhh! i hope i win this, if i do it will be framed! i love ian somerhalder!!

  167. omg this would be sooo amazing!! ian is epic!! and i love the music on this show. PICK ME!!!! please!

  168. I totally join the contest!

    Amazing idea that the contest is worldwide!
    It would be really great if I win, I’m obsessed with the VD AND Ian Somerhalder.

    You’re awesome – thanks for the opportunity to join this contest from germany!

  169. Heyy im shannon im obessed with sky!!!and im obsessed with the vampire diaries luv it all!!!!

  170. Excited about the contest!!! totally obsessed with vampire diaries. Team Damon all the way!

  171. Excited about the contest. Totally obsessed with vampire diaries. Team Damon all the way!

  172. how awesome would it be to find the VAMPIRE DIARIES soundtrack with IAN’s autograph in my mailbox on my birthday! It would be a dream come true.

    I’m a die hard fan of Ian!
    Please visit Toronto!!

  173. Thank you so much for this worldwide contest :D
    TVD, its music and Ian Somerhalder are just awesome, so winning this CD would be heaven for me =)
    Team Damon and Team Dalaric!

  174. This show has the best soundtrack ever! Every song just fits! Love it!

  175. i followed every vampire dairies’ episodes!
    most of all, i love ian somerhalder
    i’m mesmerized by his charm O.O!!!

  176. Would love to win… chances are small, but what the heck, right? :-)

  177. This is an amazing opportunity that I would never pass up. Since I was unable to attend The Vampire Diaries singing at Hot Topic in Dallas, a signed soundtrack will give me a sense of being closer to the cast. The Vampire Diaries has changed my life, not in a cliched way. Honestly changed, after dropping out of high school and not being able to return because of my beautiful son, I felt as though the world ended. School was everything to me and not being able to continue from not having any help has killed me. The Vampire Diaries has given me that feeling of being at school. Although the cast and crew will probably not read this I want to say it anyways… Thank You from the bottom top, and every other angle of my heart. The cast, writers, directors, and crew members have played a personal role in my life. Although they may not know it yet, I will continue to reach out and support The Vampire Diaries in every way I can. Since I cant say it enough, Thank You.

    Jamie Hennig jamie7chris@yahoo.com

  178. I have my whole house going nuts for the vampire diaries. We tune in every Thursday and nothing is said or done until the episode is finished. Damon is the best!

  179. I just want this soundtrack sooo bad, I cant explain! I want to meet the cast sooo bad they are all amzing’ pls let me’ win!!!!

  180. niiiiiiiice…makes me think of all the stalking I do!lol nice sound too!

  181. Love this music, LOVE Ian, would LOVE!!! getting a signed soundtrack!! <3

  182. All the way from the Netherlands I want to say that the Vampire Diaries is just awesome! I don’t have words to describe it! I’m so glad that this contest is therefor worldwide! Because unfortunately I couldn’t visit those Hot Topic Tours, I wanted to so badly. I really would have loved to go to atleast one of those tours. I just have to do with the jummy goodness of each episode!

  183. I am so hooked on this show and to have the soound track album signed by Ian would be awesome. The music for the show is brilliant and so right for important scenes. I am not very lucky but here’s hoping.

  184. This show is just amazing!!! The soundtrack brings back so many moments that truly defined the show and its characters. I hope I win!

  185. The Vampire Diaries is AMAZING!!! Cool soundtrack! Love the song Obsession and Ian!

  186. Thanks for having this contest!! This is awesome!! This would be great to have!!

  187. I would love to win an autographed copy of the soundtrack. I never win anything, but I adore Ian Somerhalder and The Vampire Diaries… so this would make my year!

  188. I am a huge fan of the show. I live here in Atlanta, and I hope someday to get to see some of the cast members around town, or better yet, get an invite to come to the set. I am particularly a great fan of Ian’s work. The show is well-done, and I think the music really has helped create the mood of the show. I love how, you never really know what to expect next. I am left each Thursday night at 9 near death waiting to see the next episode. Go Vampire Diaries. I hope you run for many more seasons and keep on filming here in Georgia! Peace! PS: Hope I win this!

  189. Waiting til the last day to enter. Typical me right there! Great prize!! :) Love the show sooooooo much!

  190. this is such a good competition im from the uk and absolutely loveeeee the vampire diaries and ian is such a hottie i would sooooo love to win this :D fingers crossed please let it be me

  191. Well I never win anything so… We’ll see how this goes haha <3 TVD

  192. TVD is amazing…Ian is amazing…the music is amazing
    Everything’s amazing! <3<3 TVD forever! =)

  193. Would love to win this but don’t know if I’ve missed the deadline! Absolutely love VD!!!!

  194. OMG! This things are always for USA but now I have a chance! =) I’m from Venezuela. Love TVD! Hope I win =D

  195. Love the show! I have every book & watch every episode! It’s my obsession!

  196. This is great and I can’t believe that it’s also open for non-US residents! :)
    Thank you for this :)

  197. Winning this would make me feel sooooo much better as I am very sick at the moment!!!

  198. My girlfriend will marry me if I win this! The perfect present in our anniversary

  199. I hope I win!!!! my daughter and I love TVD and Ian Somerhalder….

  200. I love the show & the music SO much! The song choices are just amazing! =) Also I’d like to say I love Damon! =)

  201. well, this is neat! not only because it’s signed by ian, but i’m obsessed with the music on the show :)

  202. It would be so amazing to actually win this, since I live in Norway I rarely get a chance to win anything, especially TVD related, so I love that it’s open worldwide! :) I absolutely love Ian Somerhalder and the fact that he signed this is so awesome! The music fits excellent to the scenes and to the show in general!

    So, yeah. I hope I win^^

    Team Damon! :)

  203. thank u for such giveaway!that’s really cool it’s international))The cast of VD is so awesome!!And i’m very grateful to Kevin Willamson for all he did fo this show!

  204. I love that everyone all over the world make a chance to win the signed the CD ♥ This show is loved by a lot of people over the world :D

    I’ve been a fan of Ian for a few years already and he’s such a talented actor. He nails every scene on TVD and can switch from being evil on the show to so caring pretty quick. Only a very talented actor can do that and I want him to win a Emmy so badly for his amazing acting, he’s long overdue.

  205. Would love to win a signed cd! Thank you for the chance! Hope I hear from you soon! :)

  206. i am such a diehard tvd fan!! <3

    im currently reading the vampire diaries; the return: shadow souls…its soo good!! :]

  207. I love Ian so much, it is my dream to meet him!!!!!:)
    It would be awesome to have this. I big on the going green thing. And I love animals. Ian is like the best thing that ever walked the earth!!!!!!!!!

  208. Wow! This is an awesome contest! I’d love the chance to win. Thanks!

  209. This is awesome! The Vampire Diaries is totally the Best. Show. Ever.

  210. I am Vampire Diaries Obsessed and would love to win something from the show. good luck to everone entering this contest “may the right one win” HA…

  211. I would really really really really really really love to win this! Really!

  212. I’m in love with every single episode of VD.I adore TVD and most of all Damon Salvatore.I couldn’t even imagine other actor than Ian to play Damon.Ian is just the perfect match.So, sign me up too! :)

  213. Wow haha my heart smiled when i saw the word ‘worldwide’ :)

  214. I SO would love to win this CD!! I think I would have a massive coronary. :-D Consider me entered.

  215. It would be awesome to win this! Vampire Diaries rocks & I freakin’ love Ian Somerhalder!!!

  216. I listen to TVD on my iPhone at work (which is ok because I’ve seen it so many times I can visualise what is going on :-D) it would fab to have the soundtrack too though :-) x

  217. Oh wow! An international giveaway! Yippee! and signed by Ian no less ^_^

    Thanks to all of you (ruthie, ian, etc) who made this happen! *big hug*

  218. Vampire Diaries is the best show I’ve watched in a loooooooong time! I don’t think it would be as good as it is if they hadn’t casted Nina, Paul and Ian. They make the show so worth-while with their wonderful acting! <3

  219. Thanks for making the contest international! Much love from Quebec, Canada!

  220. It would be so awesome to win something signed by Ian!! Absolutely love him!!

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