The Vampire Diaries at SDCC 2016: Clevver TV Press Line Interviews

Clevver TV caught up with the cast of The Vampire Diaries at Comic Con. Check out the interviews below!

Paul Wesley Interview

Ian Somerhalder Interview

Candice King Interview

The Vampire Diaries Cast Spill On Their Dream Finale Ending – Comic Con 2016

The Vampire Diaries Cast’s Message To Fans On Final Season – Comic Con 2016

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  1. So it is the final season!!! Ugh! Awww so bittersweet I dnt want it to stop!

  2. soon it will come another series better then this trust me it happends all the time samy Richerson u c i stared 2 c another tv series instead of this one because there so much addiction and the adtiction is so much love love love and nothing of action only very less of action only so much kissing and only and pure kissing so give me a break and that’s how i stared to see another tv series and more of the best ones for excemple i saw and i love it for syfy faceoff tv series faceoff which is so incredible the make over and the original costumes of faceoff and the other series for syfy is the land of the magicians which is something like X-men my ultimate favorite and i stared to like it very much like X-men the land of the magicians like heros that tree tv series is so awesome and very exciting that tree series of Syfy and universal studios so incredible awesome so awesome

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