New Promotional Photos Of Ian Somerhalder

Thanks to Natalie for sending these our way, you can view the HQ versions over in her gallery on The-VampireDiaries.com. Some gorgeous promotional shots of Ian Somerhalder. Hopefully some more of the rest of the cast will pop up.


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  1. Ian is so hot! how am i supposed to find normal guys around me hot when the is IAN SOMERHALDER!

  2. Ian Somerhalder is so sexy hot! He is a Brilliant actor and what I would consider a good man. His passion and love for animals and the enviroment defines him. Did they break the mold after he was born?

  3. @ GA Peach- they must have because I’ve been looking for one like him and can’t find one:)

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!!!! Love then:)

  4. Yep – they don’t really make men like him anymore. I’m sure he has some flaws but I’d be damned if I can find them.

    He could fund his Foundation entirely on stud fees. I’m serious. I would refinance my house.

  5. People’s Choice Awards are up….Voting as started!
    Ian Somerhalder – Favorite TV actor
    Vampire Diaries – Favorite TV drama
    Vampire Diaries – Favotire Sci-Fi /Fantasy

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