Join Ian Somerhalder For a Bash on the Bayou & Help Save Animals!

The other day Ian Somerhalder tweeted about an event that will be taking place in his home town. He will be the host of “Unleashed: Bash on the Bayou“, an event being held to benefit the St. Tammany Human Society. The event will take place Saturday, November 13th. Here are some more details, and click the photo below for ticket information.

This upscale, Cajun themed, benefit includes music from three awesome bands, dancing, open bar, silent auction, and is fully catered by many of New Orleans area’s finest restaurants such as Zea Rotisserie Grill and Copeland’s.The Chairman for the evening is Covington’s own Ian Somerhalder from the CW’s Vampire Diaries! Now, you definitely don’t want to miss this event.

Tickets are $60 a person in advance and $75 at the door (if it’s not sold out). All the proceeds benefit the homeless animals here at the St. Tammany Humane Society.

If you want to spend the night with Ian, help animals, enjoy great music, food, and much more! Get your tickets before we sellout.

I have exciting news! I have been fortunate enough to meet a new friend, Cindy (be sure and check out the site she runs with her friend Christina, The Salvatore Boarding House), who only lives about 45 minutes away from me. And she and I will be attending this event! We are so excited and are planning a whole weekend trip to New Orleans. It’s going to be a blast and it will be for a good cause too. Our plans are to head down Friday, and return on Sunday. So if anyone is planning on going, please let us know! We are going to try to schedule a fan meetup before the event! You can DM me on Twitter or send an email to vampirediariesonline@gmail.com, would love to hear from you!


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  1. I think it’s really awesome helpin animals & bringin ppl together for an event.I luv animals,they are God’s most beautiful creations.The sadness is that animals are affected by we as ppl &what we do to our environment.I cry at abandoned dogs &cats &when they’ve been abused,it’s horrible bcuz all they want is ur luv &affection which isn’t askin much.Animals luv u no matter rich or poor known or unknown & without judgement.Now if only our hearts would beat luv for them & I’m glad for this event.I wish I was able to go,but hard times keep me from goin.Much respect to Ian Somerhalder who keeps to his roots & uses his status to reach out to the animals who needs some luv.Also I wish I could hug everyone who brought this event together for their big hearts.Mwah &hugs & I hope hearts will come together in great quanities!

  2. In case you can’t make it, you can also donate to their shelter, just see their site for the donation link. Tammany’s is so fortunate that they have Ian who is willing and able to set aside a day/night for them. I’ve been working with shelters since I was a child, and we have to sell raffle tickets and candy just to pay for operations. Wish we had an Ian too, but as we all know, he is one in a billion. Love you Ian. You are the best.

  3. My friend and I just booked our trip and bought tics for “Unleashed.” We are traveling to New Orleans from Syracuse, NY! Very excited! We’ll be in New Orleans from Friday through Monday morning. I will e-mail you-would love to be a part of any fan meet-ups.

  4. My friend Lynne and I are SO ready for the trip. We are leaving on Sat and returning to GA on Sunday. I wish there was a way to actually watch them filming in Atlanta, but haven’t found a way yet.

    Let us know how to hook up for a NOLA fan club for DAMON..

  5. HEY! i just wanted to let you know that i’m going toooo! i won the raffle and i was wondering if you wanted to meet up. I love your posts! They’re greaat!

  6. Congrats Priscilla! I am so jealous! If you need a date, I am available! LOL!

  7. No Priscilla-I am flying to NOLA from Syracuse NY for the weekend. Will be at the Unleashed Event and bought raffle tix but didn’t win. SO SO jealous! You are so lucky!

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