Ian Somerhalder – The Oil Isn’t Gone, But the People Are Still Here

Ian Somerhalder just tweeted a link to his first blog post on Huffington Post, titled “The Oil Isn’t Gone, but the People Are Still Here”. He talks about the BP Oil Spill Disaster and how it has affected this area that he grew up in and what we need to do to help coast communities whole again.

Though six months have passed since the Deepwater Horizon sank and millions of gallons of oil started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, we are still far from saying, “mission accomplished.” Many people that rely on the rich fisheries and diverse ecosystems of the Gulf to keep their industries going–including shrimpers and oystermen, waitresses and charter boat captains — are still hurting. We can’t just forget about them.

If we want to rebuild the Gulf economy and preserve its special and unique way of life for future generations, we need to move full speed ahead with the recovery and restoration of the Gulf coast. A disaster like this can never happen again. A healthy Gulf — full of oysters and shrimp, brown pelicans and turtles — is not only the cornerstone of the Gulf economy, but also of Gulf culture and Gulf people.

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